Jean Birsens: Matchbox Collector for over 40 years

Patrick Wehr, AKA ptkwr52 is our European correspondent for all matters Automobilia. Read all of his reports here.

Like many of us, Jean Birsens played with Matchbox cars and Siku cars on the carpet in his living room, a carpet which was a Highway, a City and many other interesting places. Unlike most though, Jean’s make-believe world blossomed into a real-life museum today.

Jean (right) with our European Correspondent Patrick Wehr

Starting with hand-me-downs, Jean now owns his own Matchbox Museum with more than 11,000 models, including Early Lesney, Regular Wheels, Models of Yesteryear, Major Packs, King-Size, Accessory Packs and other Matchbox related items. Rarities include pre-series cars, unique models, playsets, pre-production models, resins, color variations, horse carousels, Matchbox games and more. You can even find MBX for children from 0-5 years, original displays, model kits and so many others. Incredibly, about 95% of his MBX collection is in mint condition with only original boxes, including unopened reseller boxes.

His wife Meg has also collected since 1995. Meg’s preference are so-called “Figural Biscuit Tins” of the brands Huntley & Palmers, Peak Frean, William Crawford, Olibet and coffee cans of Santos, Jacobs, Stollwerck and Banania and even vintage Barbie dolls. Her collection of pretty tin cans now amounts to almost 2000 pieces from the years 1886-1950.

So let’s enter this incredible Museum and enjoy all the awesome cars, sets and other things which we will find on our tour.

Matchbox City Set with original reseller carton

Zoom Around View-Master in original box


Matchbox Motorway Accessories in different colors

Heavy Truck 38C Honda Cycle & Trailer

MG 1100 Formula Racing Cars

Superfast Land Rover

Lotus Europa Superfast

70b Ford D-Series Truck


13D Dodge Wrecker

Matchbox Dogs and more

Super Kings


The Museum does not yet have its own website but you can find contact details here.

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Carlos Spindula
Carlos Spindula
2 years ago

Wow, amazing collection ! I love it !

2 years ago

Was going to say the same. Added to my Bucket List!

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