Reproduction Hot Wheels Redline Blisterpack Card Spotters Guide

Seeing a particular seller on eBay sell an endless amount of “estate find” Hot Wheels Redline blisterpack cards has prompted me to create this blog.

Dont be fooled by his auction description:

“ Don’t bid based on them being originals, Since I picked them up at an estate sale there is no way to know the original origin of these cards and cannot confirm how they were obtained or who printed them. They look, and feel authentic but could be extremely well done reproductions, rejects, or even proto types.”

Do your research before you buy.

Good friends Derek Reusser and James Fitch had created a fantastic tutorial a few years ago in the now defunct Redliner magazine.

Please be careful out there… knowledge is power!




Many thanks to Derek Reusser and James Fitch for their time and knowledge!

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