New hobbyDB Price Guide Features for your Collection

We’re ringing in the new year with 1.3 million new price points and new features to help make your hobbyDB price guide even better! See all that’s new –

Total Collection Value

You put in the work to track down your favorite collectibles, and now you can finally show off their estimated values with hobbyDB’s price guide.

How it works: Whenever we have an estimated value for a collectible, you’ll see that price factored into your collection’s total value. You can see your collection’s total value in your Collection Stats Section on your showcase. This is currently only available on desktop, but mobile view is coming!

hobbyDB Price Guide

As some collectibles in the database don’t have prices yet, this number may be a bit lower than people expect, but as the hobbyDB price guide continues to grow, you’ll be able to keep track of your collection’s value over time.

price guide


Your top ten most valuable items

On top of seeing the value of your full collection, you’ll also be able to show off the top ten most valuable items in your collection.

How it works: Our value tracker compiles and displays your most valuable items in an easy to share top ten list! You can see your top ten on the left-hand side of your showcase. You’ll be able to witness the changes every week to see if your items are gaining or losing value. Shortly we’ll also be adding the ability to build out more lists, so you can sort your top most valuable items, your Disney items, your favorite items, etc. This is currently only available on desktop, but mobile view is coming!




Add the original purchase price to your collectibles

Now you can record how much you paid for your collectible in your collection management dashboard. This way (thanks to the hobbyDB value guide), if you notice one of your items has gone way up in value since purchase, you can decide if you’re ready to part with it, or love it forever.

How it works: Head on over to your collection on hobbyDB. Once there, you can search for the item that you’d like to add an original purchase price for. Click on Actions, then Edit and then add your price, where you bought it from, purchase date and then click save. Once you’ve added paid prices, you’ll see them on the collectible page like so –


Millions more prices are coming in 2020!

As we continue to expand our value guide, we’re constantly looking for more places where we can source new price points. It has always been a goal of ours to include Auction House prices in our guide, and with our new partnership with Heritage Auctions, we’ll have 5 million new price points coming to hobbyDB’s value tracker in 2020.

Read more about the details of our new partnership here. 

Moving forward, we’d like to deem 2020 the year of the hobbyDB value guide. We’ll continue to work hard at making the best price guide for collectibles on the web; A guide that includes tons of price sources, so that we can ensure that you’re getting the most up to date and accurate price points to help you value your collection. If you know anyone who has a guide or would be interested in getting involved with our price guide project, just contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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