Images on hobbyDB – the current Plan & Philosophy

We believe the more images the better for a research tool like hobbyDB!  Here are some ideas on how we would ideally like to show them (and as always please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section!).

For Database Entries, we would like to have standard images for different Database Types.  So 2-dimensional items, like Postcards, would only have two standard images  –

Each type would have its own image standards.  For more 3-dimensional collectibles, such as Model Airplanes, there would be a few more standard images  –

Users would see these on the Search overview pages and scroll between them without having to go into the Gallery  –


Or do the same on the Database Item page.  Here we could also show the others as thumbnails as we have more space  –


And while we like the images to be as standard as possible (like the image on the left) — ideally with a white background — we would love to have users add 1,000s of artistic images (like the one on the right)!

If you like the Diorama photo, there are more images like it on this site!


In fact, we accept any images for the gallery, as there might be something of interest in each. Even a bad image might show a detail that other images in the gallery don’t have!  We are already considering to later enable voting on images so that the very best photos float to the top of Galleries.


It is for the above and other reasons that we generally don’t allow the deletion of photos; only images that are wrong for the database entry or that are small and have been added in a larger format are considered for deletion – just flag those.  We will eventually enable a rollback timeframe, say 60 minutes, to delete an image you uploaded so that you can correct a mistake.

Besides all this, there will also be Variant Details images (for more see this Blog post) and we plan similar galleries for Subjects and Showcases where you can show all or parts of your collection, and share images of your collecting adventures.

6 comments to “Images on hobbyDB – the current Plan & Philosophy”

  1. Jay Comparoni says:

    I like the idea of being able to delete my own pictures as I have found my pics to get better over time I would like my original pictures removed. I generally try to get the best picture but sometimes I have to redo them and would leave the first as a place holder until I get the better pic. Sometimes others get the better pic and the duplicate that is not of better quality should be removed. I have been in the process of getting a house ready and moving over the last few months so I have slowed down quite a bit but I am almost back to normal and ready to get my pics put in the database. Once my shop is done in about six months I will be back to getting everything imaged and uploaded.

    • Joschik says:

      Hi Jay, looking forward to having you back! Re images, those early images will just move into the big pool of other images with the newly taking images taking the important Standard Image slots.  Eventually, those early images (if they are really not good) will move to the 2nd page of the Gallery.  Just think  of the future gallery as a curated Google Image search!

  2. Lou Nuccio says:

    This is a great philosophy & common sense standards, I think that with a Database with limitless potential the image content should be more dynamic & for lack of a better word artistic, as long as the focal point of that image is the item for that entry. I’m A Hard Rock Cafe Pin, Magnet & Shot Glass Collector & in my humble opinion we have to start thinking outside the box when it comes to images, we’ve been doing it for every other aspect pertaining to our specific database section here on hobbyDB why not images, why do they ONLY have to be on Whiet or light colored backgrounds – the reason can’t be because you can see the item better, that justy doesn’t ring true, some wil say for consistency, I can understand that, but that’s the “old way” of thinking, because we were trained & use to the Old Catalog & all its shortcomings & restrictions – those days are over & we have to look ahead & move forward – I want Collectors & Traders to be excited when they see a great photo of a Pin, an image that will want them to acquire that pin. The suggested rules for Pins, Magnets & Shot Glasses are just too “Clinical”, again just my opinion – but if we want to draw more people to the  site & to Collecting & Trading in general, boring images are not going to help our cause.

    • Joschik says:

      Interesting and I think we could do both. We currently have the Main Image with is the first standard image that shows (like that Hot Wheels Datsun above in its card against a clear background). We could allow users to opt for showing the highest voted artistic image for the entry. That way both communities are served. Please let the ideas flow.

  3. Jay Comparoni says:

    One other thing, as I have been developing my photos to get better images, and since I use natural white lighting, I have found that any vehicle that is mostly white I get better images with a blue background. I am going to be making a new photo box soon with a full insert in a lighter blue background with a gloss finish to give a better reflection of light. My main box will still be a high gloss pure white and with the way I do the full cards most of the time the background has a minimal effect but with loose cars they really pop.

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