Last Chance to Get Your Hands on RARE DC Comics Paint Masters & Tool Parts!

As much of the collectibles world heads towards 3-D modeling and prototyping, the traditional way of producing character models is quickly becoming a lost art. In the past, artists would sculpt their tool parts  by hand and then paint extraordinary paint masters. Both works of art would rarely come to market. And if they did, they would sell for much more than the retail price.

We’re excited to announce that sculptor and artist Tim Bruckner is partnering with hobbyDB to offer his rare creations to collectors worldwide. Over his fifty-year career, Bruckner created paint masters, sculptures and tool sets for brands such as DC, Hamilton, Gentle Giant and others.

As the traditional prototype craft disappears, this very well may be the last time that collectors can get their hands on these rare items. Each piece is truly a labor of love as an enormous amount of work goes into every detail and they are generally unique.  

“Every element of a sculpture says something,” Bruckner said. “The expressions, the pose, the way the clothes flow or bend… they all tell a story, and it’s my job to interpret it perfectly. An action figure will be posed by the collector, but a statue has to get it just right.”

Over the next few weeks, Bruckner will continue to list items from his collection for sale. If you’d like to get an email notification when he adds something new, simply click the heart button on his seller profile.

Now is your chance to own a part of pop culture history as well as a one-of-a kind original piece for your collection. Bruckner is also happy to sign any piece that is purchased. Here is a sample of some of the items that are available for sale on hobbyDB – 

To see Bruckner’s full collection, check out his seller profile here and don’t forget to “heart” the profile if you’d like to receive notifications. New items will be added every day over the few weeks! To find out more about Bruckner and his process, check out the following hobbyDB blog post – Meet Tim Bruckner, DC Action Figure and Statue Artist

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