What are Subvariants you might ask? Delve into the finer details of collecting!

Early on collectors often make the decision whether they will collect a wide range of items, or collect in a more specific, targeted way. If you collect sport car models, then often you don’t care that there are 6 different versions of the Superfast Matchbox Monteverdi Hai in orange that have different racing numbers or baseplate colors.  But if you collect early Matchbox Superfast, you might care very much.  And, even if you thought you did not care, you might if you realize you have a very rare version of that model due to the fact that its baseplate is green, therefore making it worth $200 more!

hobbyDB is a project for all kinds of collectors, many of them with unparalleled expertise in their chosen field.  For that reason, we have many listings that at first sight look the same.  A perfect example is this model  –

Not only are there a number of variations in terms of grill and baseplate color, there are also different packaging variations and even box specific variations.  We have four subvarations of this box, the so-called G-Box in the database (and another four of the F-Box)!  They mostly look the same as differences are difficult to spot, like one says NEW and the other does not.  We now display them all together using a new type of image, the Detail Photo.


This has the advantage of users seeing fewer items and if they are interested, they can drill deeper.  Below are some more examples.

Funko has already made 10 variants of this Batman, but then 7 of them also have sticker variants; they are now called Subvariants and are displayed like this Emerald Chrome one  –

Now you can quickly see at a glance what makes each variation different.

And this applies to literally every segment of our database, here is a Hard Rock Cafe pin example  –

It alerts users that there are fine details to look out for and ensures that you add the right item to your collection, your wishlist or for sale.

Another example is the Hot Wheels Somethin’ 40 gray variant that came in playsets (there are dozens of variants with other colors) –


If you are a Contributor you now have a new Subvariant button and new options to make photos Detail Photo or Show on Search Photo.

The Main Photo is what shows on the page of that item, it is also the Standard Image that gets added to your collection or listed for sale, if you do not add your own image.  The Detail Photo is only needed for Subvariants and shows what makes each one different.  The Show on Search Photo is the new photo that displays in your search results, and is meant to be as large as possible and without any packaging.

If you are a curator or Champion there are a few new additional tools in the Curator Dashboard.

Find more info on all of that in our Help section here.

A special call-out to Jim Garbaczewski who allowed us to use his 1,000s of fabulous Hot Wheels images and to Rob Graves for getting deep into this and changing existing entries to Subvariants for our many, many Hot Wheels pages! You guys are fantastic!

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