Last Chance to Own a Piece of hobbyDB – Ends Tonight!

To our hobbyDB Community

We are officially less than 12 hours away from the ending of our crowdfunding journey.

Today at 9pm PST, the opportunity to join more than 500 collectors in owning a piece of hobbyDB will come to a close. 

Late last year, we decided to give our collecting community a chance to own a piece of hobbyDB. You, our members, are the lifeblood of the HDB database and marketplace. Without you, we wouldn’t have seen such tremendous growth in database coverage, price points, and marketplace inventory. The beauty of crowdfunding (and why we decided to go this route) is that it gives all of our members a chance to own a piece of what they are helping to build. This way, if we do well, so do YOU.

Since the launch of our campaign, we’ve raised more than $220,000 and have over 500 collectors that are now officially hobbyDB owners! And just two weeks ago, we made an important decision to lower our valuation. With this new price point, just about everyone can now be a part of the HDB collective, and your investment gets you almost 2X what it did before. Since we decided to lower the price of shares, we have raised an additional $100k and have 200 new investors. HDB is now owned by OUR members, and if you haven’t already, it’s not too late to become a part of it!

Still not convinced? Here’s what our investors are saying about us (and these are just a few, check them all out here) –

“We do early stage investments and just absolutely love it when we find a super large market that nobody knows about and is underserved. These factors coupled with a team that not only has a deep understanding of that market, but the relentless drive to do whatever it takes to own it made hobbyDB a no brainer investment for us.” – Aaron Stachel, Partner at First Mile Ventures

Love the platform. I have about 250 items sold and sales over $14,000 in a short time period. It’s the best platform out there and I believe it will dominate the industry.” – Scott Madole, hobbyDB member and seller.

I love being able to see my collections on the hobbyDB platform. It’s so much more than just a hobby to me, and being a member of the PPG Squad and a Curator at hobbyDB lets me connect with others who feel the same way. Thank you!!” – Heather Jones, hobbyDB Curator and PPG Squad Volunteer

Because diecast is cool, hobbies are human, nostalgia is increasingly important to an aging demographic, and we need a knowledgeable source for collectors besides the big Bay! Thanks, eB” – Eric Bellscheidt

Thank you for being a part of this journey and believing in us. We’ll continue to work hard to make hobbyDB THE ultimate resource for collectors worldwide. Invest Today.

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