Charity Auction: Night Stalker & Hot Wheels’ Brendon Vetuskey – ’55 Bel Air Gasser, the Gas-Hole

Yes, it is called the Gas-hole. And yes, there are only 15 made. And yes, this model is a unique collaboration between the Hot Wheels Designer who created the ‘55 Bel Air Gasser and one of the hobby’s best-known customizers, created to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

Maybe it was quarantine, maybe it was meant to be, maybe it was the cancelled Nationals Convention, but whatever it was, Chris Walker of Night Stalker Customs and Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey felt compelled to collaborate on a special model to benefit a charity. The ever-popular ‘55 Bel Air would be the model, with a deco designed by Brendon and executed by Chris.

They wanted to do something unique, and with the Gasser a worthy canvas, they created a design that is safe to say Mattel would never do: The Gas-hole Gasser.

Anything having to do with the ‘55 Bel Air Gasser is special. Anything Chris Walker does is special. On top of that, it isn’t often that a current Hot Wheels Designer jumps into the collaboration game, so needless to say this is VERY special.

And it should be. This project was done to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. a worthy cause and the regular beneficiary of the charitable arm of the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention. With the event cancelled this year, the fundraising totals weren’t as high as they typically are, so Chris and Brendon wanted to do something memorable to make up some of that gap.

From Chris:

From the mind of Brendon Vetuskey and the paint shop of Chris Walker “Night Stalker Customs” comes this custom ‘55 Gasser brought to you by the Lamley Group. With all the proceeds going to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network Charity.
This very slick ‘55 Gasser was designed by Hot Wheels designer Brendon Vetuskey and features custom paint and graphics and assembly by Chris Walker, with features like white vintage style headers, Chevy Orange engine block, gold and chrome carb and valve cover detail, silver engine and transmission on the chassis, steel gray ladder bats, and wrapping it up it rolls on real rider tires.
This piece is limited to only 15 pieces with info on the bottom along with signatures by Brendon and Chris.
A very rare collaboration for a great charitable cause. We all hope you enjoy this.

Only 15 were made, individually numbered and signed, and 10 were be made available to the public by way of eBay auction. Here are the details:

The 10 models were listed the eBay account (Seller name iracema46) on Thursday, May 21 starting at 4 pm PST (7pm EST). Each model were listed 5 minutes apart, and the auctions expired 3 days later on Sunday, May 24th. The number of each model were specified (and #1 was available), so winners know what number they were getting.


Spreading the auctions out every few minutes meant if you missed out on one, you could bid on the next one.

And ALL the proceeds went to the Children’s Miracle Network.

A highly desirable, truly unique model for a good cause.



Article originally from TheLamleyGroup

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