Forgotten Ferraris: Ferrari Mythos Coupe

Ferrari Mythos CoupeWelcome back to our series looking at some of the Ferraris you might not have heard of – and the models made of them by Looksmart! This week, it’s the Mythos Coupe.

A couple of weeks ago, we met the Ferrari Mythos – the Pininfarina-designed, Testarossa-based Barchetta show car. At the time, you’ll remember, we blogged about how the car was a one-off, with no roof to keep things as simple as possible.

Ferrari Mythos CoupeExcept it wasn’t quite a one-off – someone with an enormous amount of money decided he liked the car so much, he wanted one. Well, actually, he wanted two. Only they needed to have roofs. Have you guessed who it is yet? Yes, that’s right, it’s the Sultan of Brunei…

The Sultan’s pair of Ferrari Mythos coupes live in good company. The Royal Brunei car collection also includes eight McLaren F1’s, six Dauer Porsche 962 LM’s, the world’s only right-hand-drive Mercedes CLK-GTR, Porsche 959’s, three Cizeta V16GTs, six replica gullwing Mercedes 300SLs based on the modern AMG SL500, the Bentley Dominator, a one-off SUV with Range Rover technology and Ferrari 456-based four-door saloons and estate cars, plus three coach-built Aston Martins. Quite the packed garage…

Ferrari Mythos CoupePictures of the Sultan’s Mythos coupe are hard to come by. This was the only one we could find of the real car:

Ferrari Mythos CoupeLuckily, we’ve got the LookSmart model to show us how the Barchetta grew itself a little turret top to keep the middle eastern sun off its passengers in full detail!

Ferrari Mythos CoupehobbyDB will be featuring additional Looksmart models of Forgotten Ferraris over the next several weeks! Next week, we wrap things up with some fresh newer models.

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