You can now organize your Collection with Custom Lists!

Thanks to all of your feedback, we’ve realized that organizing and sorting your collections in custom/easy to display ways has become very important to collectors everywhere. It’s for those reasons that we are very excited about releasing our first generic list feature.  We already have your Collection, your Wish List and your Favorite Sellers in list view (all accessible through the My Stuff Dashboard) with My Favorite Members and My Favorite Subjects to come.  But those are “All or Nothing” options, i.e. they show you all of your Wish List items.  The new Lists will be more customizable and will appear in both your Showcase and Collection Management views.  You can now choose to organize your collection by  –

  • Brand
  • Series
  • Franchise
  • Character
  • Type of item
  • Color
  • Room in your house
  • Period
  • Whatever!

If you joined us as part of the PPG migration you can of course also the way PPG did.  Here, for example, are Christian’s first 3 Custom Lists in his Showcase   –


You can filter by the same Custom List in the Collection Management tool   –


In order to add to your lists, you can either bulk update selected item in your collection by using the “Batch Actions” button   –


And of course, you can do it one by one in the individual collectible view (for example if/when you add new items to your collection)  –


So if you are as excited as we are then you can find your Lists in My Stuff’s Dashboard   –


And feel free to delete the Sample List that you will find there already (it is meant to illustrate how this new feature can be used)  –


We have plenty of plans for the Custom List feature, such as the ability to also use them for the Wishlists, Subjects, Members and Database Items (say your Disney Wish List).  We foresee users being able to create a list of the coolest 10 Batman figures ever made, the best racing teams or film characters, a list of items you never want to own or that you don’t want to see when browsing the site and much more.  Let us know in the Comment Section which lists would you like us to build!

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