How to catalog Autographs

We have always struggled with autographs, mainly because they come in two forms.

  1. The pure autograph, just a piece of paper, for example, this one with the signatures of the Beatles  –         
  2. Another collectible that has also been signed, for example, this Funko POP of Captain America signed by Stan Lee  –

The “pure” autograph is simpler, we could create a new Collectible Type for it called Autographs, the same we have one for Comics and for Posters.  It would just need the dimensions and Related Subjects (i.e. who signed it).  Every pure autograph would probably be its own entry as they would be always different.

It is the Collectible that also has an autograph that is difficult.  That Captain America could also have been signed by Joe Simon or Jack Kirby who designed him, Dick Purcell, Arthur Pierce, Reb Brown, Matt Salinger or Chris Evans who played him in the movies and many others. And of course, each of them could sign in different color pens, on different parts of the box and with different text.

In a way, the autograph is similar to a poster being framed, a comic being graded or a model car that does not have its packaging.  It is the same collectible with an extra attribute that makes it more or less interesting for different collectors.  Besides all of that, it does have one other important aspect – it creates a relationship to a person of interest (that Captain America Pop is now something that a Stan Lee fan would probably like to own).  That is why we consider an optional field for when adding an item to the collection  –

Please note that this is a Mockup and currently not implemented yet


We could then show this and other items on a new tab on the Related Subject, here Stan Lee  –

Please note that this is a Mockup and currently not implemented yet


We would love to hear your ideas and opinions in the Comment section below!

11 comments to “How to catalog Autographs”

  1. Karl says:

    Great ideas – I am not an autograph guy but sounds logical.    How is the new related collectibles button different from everything that is currently listed under Stan Lee now?

  2. Jeffrey says:

    This is really great especially for those of us who collect a lot of autographs. I do have a question, where do I find the “Signed By (Optional)” data entry field that you showed in your example. I cannot find where this shows up when trying to edit a listing. Thanks.

    • Joschik says:

      It is good to hear that you like the idea. It is early days for this idea and the images are mockups of what this could look like. We are looking for feedback at the moment.

      • Jeffrey says:

        I’ve been collecting signed Funko Pops for over five years and the idea of having a dedicated space to log this sort of data is a really awesome addition. I’ve been collecting autographs on other media like action figures, statues, laserdiscs, DVDs, books, magazines, etc., for much longer so the following would apply as well.

        If you’re looking for suggestions, I would love to see, under where the “Signed By (Optional)” box is in this mockup, user imputed data fields for:

        • Date of Autograph
        • Location/City where the item was autographed
        • Event where the item was autographed
        • In-person autograph or purchased autographed
        • Paint Pen, Sharpie or other item used for the Autograph
        • Color Used for the Autograph
        • Personalizations other than the autograph (Character Name, Quote, etc.)
        • Location of Autograph on Collectible
        • Authentication (Yes/No)
        • Authentication Service (JSA, PSA/DNA, Beckett, Zobie Productions, Other)
        • Misc. information about this Autographed Item
        • User Uploaded Picture of Item with Autograph (If HobbyDB would like to have a pic of the autographed item for the entry)

        All these additional data fields could be setup to be cross-referenced across HobbyDB and this additional autograph info would be great for really breaking down each autographed item. Personally, I’m using HobbyDB as my inventory database for all of my collectibles instead of a database application or program as HobbyDB gives up-to-date values that those type of apps or programs cannot do. Currently I’m getting all of my Funko items on the site with statues and action figures to eventually follow.

        I hope this input helps and I’m really looking forward to this option becoming a reality on HobbyDB so I (and, of course, other autograph collectors) can more accurately document our collections with HobbyDB.

        • Matbar says:

          With a Authentication Service field, there should be an Authentication Service Number field, so if autographs and autographed POPs are sold through the marketplace, they can be verified beforehand.

  3. Dahveed! TOYZILLA says:

    Hey guys, my opinion on the subject is this- Funko POPs have become the new ‘glossy headshot’ for actors and creators and definitely and needs to have a “signed by” section. The COA is of great importance and adds additional value to the autograph, certifying it.  Obviously this COMPLETELY changes the value of the item!  So I don’t know if at the point we can use HobbyDB as a price index to judge value?  A signed, certified item could be worth sometimes upwards of $100 more if its a POP.

    When a company intentionally creates a number of signed edition Funko POPs as TOYZILLA does each month and gives it its own sticker it actually creates an new catalog item with its own attributes and value.  This is company separate from the manufacturer Funko so it would not appear on the Funko app, but perhaps it merits placement in HobbyDB?  Obviously the same actor could sign the same POP on a street corner and even write “Happy Birthday Peter” – no COA, sticker and probably something that will never be sold because of the inscription to Peter. Great value to Peter but to nobody else.   But the signed and certified intentionally created item with a production run of 20 to 1000 pieces that is continually sold, traded and bought (in my opinion) might warrant its own product listing.  A Bloody Bruce Lee signed by Rudy Ramirez which comes with its own sticker should get its own item in the catalog as well, although that could fall under both custom and autograph. Anyway, just a thought.

    • Jeffrey says:

      I agree. I definitely think that an item like this should be included in the HobbyDB database. I would also like to add that even though a Pop may be personalized to someone, the autograph still would hold some or all of that full value. Many times celebrities at Comic-Cons will only personalize to someone with their autograph and will not sign the Pop if it’s just a signature. As a result, the only way to get that autographed Pop would be to have that personalization. Additionally, many auction sites auction off photos of celebrities with autographs that are personalized and they sell for, sometimes, very good money depending on the autograph and personality signing that autograph. If a Pop is autographed and personalized, in my opinion, it should be included along with a piece that just contains a signature.

  4. sirhotness says:

    yes we should definitely have an option field to add this.  some comedians such as fluffy and now jeff dunham have sold autographed pops directly from their websites and prices should reflect that, especially since they charge higher for them.  plus they use different color pens and there are more of one color than another.

  5. David Love-Pezzotti says:

    I friggin love it!  I have just started collecting pops and with that and my monthly boxes come autographed jsa certified items.

    8x10s 11x17s etc.
    would photos be considered  pure ?

  6. DIANE STUBLI says:

    Just wanted to let you know if you bring in signed or even unsigned funko pops you will bring in alot more business as  long as you keep up  and not let it get down to 4 or 5 and let them just sit for 5 or 6 months without bringing more in and keep them where people can’t keep handling then it will mess up the box not only is the funko pop worth something so is a mint box 


    • Dahveed! TOYZILLA says:

      definitely! we keep all our signed Pops in pop protector cases, hard stacks or soft protectors and also put them behind glass in a display case.

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