Price Guide taking Shape with 89,201 new price points

It has always been our vision to have some sort of value guidance for every item on hobbyDB (see for example this earlier blog post from 2016).  Today we’re excited to announce that with the release of new hobbyDB price guide features, we have added more than 89,201 price points in one day!

User Estimated Values

The new User Estimated Values (UEVs) are most useful for items that have no transaction values. The values are added by a hobbyDB member with expertise in the items they value. These UEVs make up the item’s total Estimated Value ONLY if there are no other price points. This is important as we would always prefer to use what somebody actually paid for an item versus an opinion. If transaction values are applied to the item, the UEV is taken out of the overall value equation, but is still displayed.  UEVs show the member that added them, the date they were added and a link to that user’s Showcase so you can find out more about that user (here an example).

Curator Prices

In our earlier days, we had a concept called Curator Prices. These will also display, but do not show the member that added them or the date (for an example look here). We expect that over time these will be replaced with User Estimated Values as they are better because they show the user that added the price point and the date it was added (all Curator Prices have been set to September 1 2020).

Hard Rock Cafe Pin Values

Next are the Hard Rock Cafe Pin Values. Back in 2018, we received around 65,000 estimated values of Hard Rock Cafe Pins from the original HRC Database. These estimated values are averages of the pin prices reportedly paid by users in the old database (find an example here).

Other Price Guide Sources

These new features will now enable the ability for us to add prices from various other offline and online price guides, such as the long out-of-print Tomart Disneyana Guides. If you have suggestions and are willing to help please let us know!

Lastly, this means we can now also add prices from auction houses (see our exciting announcement of having permission to add 6m price points from powerhouse Heritage Auctions here).

With all these new price points, you may discover that more of the items in your collection will have a price point and therefore, you might see an increase in the overall value of your collection on the new charts in the Showcase! To find out, visit your showcase here.

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