Introducing hobbyDB Gallery Pages to Show off everything you love about your collection

What’s the fun of having a collection if you can’t show it off? 

We’re a big believer in being able to proudly display your passions, so we’re happy to introduce our new Gallery page.

You’ll find your new Gallery located next to your Collection and Wish List links found just below the banner image on your Showcase.

This is where you can show off and share photos. The best part is that you get to choose which images are found in your Gallery.

Share photos of your collection, customized display cases or your friends’ collections. Travel to any comic cons or swapmeets? Images from all your collecting adventures will look great here.

Adding photos is easy. Simply click on the Gallery link and follow the prompts for adding images — which you can also later edit. You’re also able to sort photos from newest to oldest, and vice versa.

We’ll also be soon enabling lists here so that you can group images the way you like (say by different rooms, places you visited in different countries, etc).

Below are some examples of Galleries currently on hobbyDB that you can peruse and make sure to click on the BatCollector’s Gallery above.


The POPthusiast



Blossom Girl





Have any questions or concerns? Let us know by messaging us at or simply click the green Contact hobbyDB button located on the right side of every page.

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