Another Visit to the Jang Birsens Matchbox Mecca!

Patrick Wehr, AKA ptkwr52 is our European correspondent for all matters Automobilia. Read all of his reports here.

In the last few months, I visited my friend’s Jang Birsens Matchbox Museum as many times as I could.

There is so much stuff to see and it got me back to buy some Matchbox models, for me a kind of a back to the roots moment!  Therefore I decided to write a second report about the Museum focusing on Regular Wheels and Superfast models.  The first one was on the Model Car Hall of Fame site (find it here).

Here are some of my highlights  –

MB46 Blue Color Standard Edition


MB46 Transition Model


MB46 Standard with opening doors and trunk


MB5 Pre-Serial Model


MB5 Standard Model with White Interior


MB12 Land-Rover Blue Transition Model


MB33 Standard Model


MB33 Yellow with Red Interior | very rare version


MB33 Yellow with White Interior | another very rare version


MB8 Ford Mustang White Standard Model, Red very rare color variations and interior variations


MB25 Bedford Petrol Tanker Aral with Black Wheels


MB25 Bedford Petrol Tanker BP with Gray Wheels

MB 13 Dodge Wrecker with Yellow Cab | nice but common


MB 13 Dodge Wrecker with Green Cab | not so common, recently sold for $8,500

And that despite the Green Cab version being in the 1965 catalogue!

MB58 AEC BEA Coach with its very rare D- Type Box


MB12 Land-Rover with gray wheels for the US-Market


Variations of the SF Ford Wreck Truck


Superfast Ferrari Berlinetta | Very rare green color


Pontiac GTO in a rare red color as well as in the more common mauve

I found also some interesting models from different other series in the Museum, here an example.

Mechanised Tractor Plant with Winch Transporter

This set was based on the K-20 Tractor Transporter with three tractors. Originally all painted in red they were painted for the set in a metallic blue cab and a silver trailer with Superfast Wheels. It was also modified to incorporate a working winch behind the cab and a two-section tailgate and a pulley on the trailer. The tractors on the trailer were painted in an orange color and some sets can also be found with blue tractors. Tractors are No39 of the MBX miniature series Ford Tractors based on a Ford Power Major. The orange tractor is one of the rarest MBX 1-75 Models as it was used exclusively for this set. The set contained also a factory building with a conveyer belt inside it and two lenghts of road and a road ramp.

A Matchbox King Size, Speed Kings, Super Kings Dealer Display


and its original outer packaging (how cool is that!)


Some Pre-Serial Models

Matchbox Models as Eraser’s


Now please ask lots of questions (giving me an excuse to go back…).  The Museum does not yet have its own website but you can find contact details here  –

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3 years ago

Excellent!! Collection is fantastic. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

carlos spindula
carlos spindula
3 years ago

Fantastic ! Love it all , the miniatures and their boxes !

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