Another Amazing Find – the 2000 Barbie Silkline Retailer Display Case!

The Lorrie Ray

Lorrie is a collector of Hot Wheels, awesome customs, in particular Krautcustoms and other cool collectibles.

Did you ever wonder what happens to those amazing retailer display cases?  In the past retailers disposed of them, today they send them back to the manufacturer but if you have a special relationship or ask nicely…   Lorrie is on good terms with her favorite retailers and when she asked for this gem they gave it to her!

It is estimated that less than 175 of these were made.  It is no big surprise then that when it was time to pass it onto the next collector that it sold for more than $6,000  (even that meant shipping it at large expense to Australia!).  See more images of this fabulous item or add it to your Wish List here.

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