One of my heroes is backing us & that made my day

Musings By Joschik
Christian obsesses over collectibles, antiques and toys more than the average person, but (he believes) in a productive way. Documenting collectibles has been a passion since working on a book about his favorite childhood toys from Timpo 41 years ago.

I’ve known of the other Christian since the mid-Nineties as nobody, really nobody has taken documenting collectibles (in his case Matchbox) more seriously.  We then met at one of the Nuremberg Toy Fairs maybe 10 years ago.  He was there with a number of big folders and to understand the depth that he goes into I am sharing the 3 pages that Christian Falkensteiner maintains on just one model, the Mot Rod  –

One of the greatest parts about Christian is that he has always been willing to share the wealth.  You can find it all on his website  Early on he decided that he would share his knowledge with us and has already made more than 6,000 entries on hobbyDB. And not just models, Chriistan for example added 400 Matchbox period ads.  Or this Matchbox themed card game, which not only shows its title cover but also every single card!

Christian is also on the hobbyDB Advisory Council.

Besides being an incredible expert Christian is one of the most humble people that I know.  When he was inducted into the Model Car Hall of Fame in 2018 I contacted him for images for an article (I am the Hall’s Chair).  He just said it was not necessary.  He certainly did not want us to make a big deal about it and would have preferred that we kept the trophy. And do try to find a photo online of the guy! Here is the best I could find.

Christian on a German Matchbox meetup no doubts studying a new variant…  Lastly, how can you not like a guy whose favorite car brand is Citroën!  Thanks for backing us up, Christian!

If you like to join Christian and 750 others that are already owning a part of hobbyDB you can do that on our crowdfunding portal here –

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