Project SWORD Blasts Off as hobbyDB’s Latest Partner

Project Sword

We have a favorite saying around here that describes hobbyDB as being “built for collectors, by collectors.”

But what does that mean, exactly?

Creating hobbyDB as both a community and a reliable resource begins with forging new relationships and partner opportunities with collectors, experts and enthusiasts from all walks down the (proverbial) collectible aisle.

These partnerships, or data swaps, help us build out our database with complete and accurate information.

Collectors we’ve recently partnered with, for example, include The Toy Collector App and Black Sands Entertainment. And now we’re proud to announce a collaboration with Project SWORD, who touches down with hobbyDB via his outpost at Moonbase Central.

Getting to know Project SWORD

Paul Woods has always had his eyes affixed on the stars above…and on the space-age toys of his youth growing up in the 1960s.

Woods has been sharing that passion for space-themed items — as well as original sci-fi, tinplate diecast and all manners of classic, retro toys — since 2008 via his Project SWORD blog.

Now he has given us permission to use his many excellent images and his research for hobbyDB database entries!

We chatted with Paul recently to better get to know the shuttle commander behind Project SWORD.

What are your Top-Five Favorite Toys

  1. Nomura Mod Monster – Sums up my monster-filled childhood. I got it in 1967 and took it into school to show the class!
  2. Alps Lunar Explorer – Another symbol of my space-nuts childhood. I adored this tinplate space rover.
  3. Masudaya Desert Patrol Jeep – I took this wonderful tinplate Bump’n’go Jeep to school in 1967 and it zoomed under all the chairs!
  4. Topper Johnny Seven – The One Man Army rifle was the best toy weapon ever and I kept my big brothers at bay with it!
  5. Colourforms Outer Space Men – Mel Birnkrant’s fabulous space action figures were the best ever designed and the packaging was inspired. I loved them as a kid.

Tell us about your blog

Frankenstein's MonsterI started a blog called Moonbase Central because I needed somewhere to record my love of vintage toys, especially Project SWORD, monsters and general geekiness. What I love the most are comments from like-minded toy and monster fans. These have kept me going the last 12 years.


What is your most interesting or best purchase?

I have spent a lot of money in the past on my Project SWORD toy collection. But it’s small purchases that I love the most now, like a set of Polska Dinosaur stamps I had as a kid in the Sixties. £1.99 ($2.65) at Oxfam! (Ed. Oxfam is the largest chain of thrift stores in the UK)


What is your favorite collectible from a movie or film moment?

My favourite toys in a movie moment aren’t really toys, although I made home-made versions when I was 12. They’re the nunchakus in “Enter the Dragon,” which I also had as a plastic toy, I recall now. Bruce Lee’s nunchaku battle scene is my fave movie moment of all time. I saw it at the cinema in 1973 and it was the first X certificate I’d seen!


What is the worst toy SWORD would cover?

The worst toy that Project SWORD could cover is Lego. I thought Lego was boring as a kid and even Project SWORD couldn’t make it interesting.


Tell us about your book-writing career

I have written two books on toys, both self-published on Blurb. One is about the iSpace art that may have influenced project SWORD box art, “The Art of SWORD” and the most recent, from 2019, is “Toy Bunnies on Plastic Scooters,” a field guide to less-well-known animal and car novelty toys by JR21.


Join hobbyDB

We’re always on the lookout for passionate collectors with unique collections, such as Paul Woods’ Project SWORD. Let us know by messaging us at or by clicking the green Contact hobbyDB button located on the right side of every page.

Also, don’t forget that the second round of the hobbyDB crowdfunding is currently underway. Read more about that project here.


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