Welcoming Clctin users to hobbyDB!

Clctin was started in 2013 and allowed its users to share and show off their collections with other collectors.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with many other collector sites, Clctin will now be closing.  Nimrod Bar-Zeav, its founder and CEO explains “I am sad that this capital of my life is closing and enjoyed working with our members to create a great home for collectors. I am also glad that everybody has a great alternative with hobbyDB.  Their database is a big undertaking, even bigger than Wikipedia and I am sure Clectin users can contribute a lot to its success.”

Our very own Alexandra Lindsay from hobbyDB adds “Clectin had a lot of nice features and we plan to add quite a few of them to hobbyDB in the future – for example, Clctin’s more compact galleries. If you are a Clctin member looking for a new home, we would love to welcome you aboard. Simply visit our homepage or email us at clctin@hobbydb.com if you want to learn more about what we do and how you can become involved.”

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