hobbyDB Crowdfunding Round 2 Draws to a Close: Thank You, Collecting Community

Hard Rock

The latest round of the hobbyDB crowdfunding has come to a close and we cannot thank the collecting community enough.

We exceeded our expectations, courtesy of 316 new and re-investors who joined close to now 1,000 community members in owning a piece of the hobbyDB family of brands.

SmurfThese investments will help us continue to create the ultimate resource and community for collectors worldwide.

Did you miss out on this period of crowdfunding? Worry not. We’re looking to re-open a new round this spring. We want to make sure our members always have a chance to own a site that they use and help build. Details to follow in the coming months.

Thank you again to all our new investors.

Please make sure to reach out to us with any questions or concerns by sending a message to support@hobbydb.com or by clicking on the green Contact hobbyDB button located on the right side of every page.

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