It’s Here! New hobbyDB App now Available via Apple Store

hobbyDB App

You asked and we listened! Introducing our first foray into the world of mobile applications.

Thanks to the hard work of Zack Fisher, hobbyDB partner and Founder of the Toy Collector App, we’re now able to offer our initial app, which we will improve over time. 

Over the years, we’ve asked the community what was most important in terms of an app for collectors. Through those conversations, we learned that the number one requested feature was a UPC Scanner, by far. So ask and you shall receive – 

The hobbyDB App

hobbyDB AppThe new app offers quick access to the hobbyDB and Pop Price Guide websites by utilizing a simple UPC scanner.

If you are a Pop Price Guide member, you will also be able to access your collections through the app on hobbyDB.

When in the app, simply use your camera phone and hover over the UPC code on the collectible’s packaging. Once the barcode is scanned, as long as the UPC code is in the database, you’ll see the matching collectible within the app. From there you can learn more information about the item, see it’s value, and add it to your collection.

In the app, you can then create your own QR code to easily share a custom URL from your personal Showcase.

The app will also grant you direct access to the hobbyDB Blog to keep you up-to-date on all the latest news.

For now, you can download the hobbyDB app from within the Apple Store here.

hobbyDB App

These days, just about every item has a UPC code. The hobbyDB app, which will soon be available on Android devices, will read the barcode with the price sign on it. To ensure accuracy, our squad is continuously adding more UPC codes to the hobbyDB database. But we could always use more help.

As a reminder, this is part of our effort to make the entire mobile experience better and is our initial step into image and text recognition. So we’d like to know what additional features you’d like to see implemented into the mobile experience.

Comment below with your suggestions or message us, along with any questions or concerns, — or if you would like to join our team — at

11 comments to “It’s Here! New hobbyDB App now Available via Apple Store”

  1. chlaredo says:

    I have found a couple issue with the data input on the sku. One is that I have an older item I was inputting and it only has 11 numbers, and I kep getting an error that would not allow me to add it to the data base. I tried adding one digit and it did the same thing even though it says the sku must fit the allowed set numbers as shown, 12 was one of them but it would not let me add the item until I added 10 to the sku. This is not the sku as noted on the item, I will be posting the image later.  Another issue I had was in editing an item to correct some information I was unable to do so because the same error kept coming up even though there were 12 digits in the sku data placement.


    • Joschik says:

      Hi Jay,

      We found out that there were UPC codes that had 8 to 16 digits and just made the change (more here Hopefully that is now fixed (if not let us know).

      • chlaredo says:

        Yes, this worked and I have corrected my item with the correct SKU number. I did find another issue that somehow would need to be addressed. There are hundreds of items that depending on how they are packaged that will be found under more than one sku number. I have ran across this multiple times in the past and have just used a comma with the last six digits or the whole second sku number depending on what was different. The 2021 Hot Wheels advent calendar used one car so far from a multi-pack and the sku number for the package on both are different but need to be referenced to the same item? What is the fix for things like this? Maybe a comma as the delimiter or an additional box for the additional sku or sku’s.


        • Joschik says:

          This is the same as Blindboxes.  The UPC should be assigned to the Calendar and only show on that page.  The scan brings up the calendar and then shows all items that were part of it through the relationships.

  2. jdmathews17 says:

    I thought this was going to be a full-fledged application that we could use instead of the website. I was quite disappointed when I watched the YouTube tutorial.

    I truly hope you plan on developing this  as a feature. That would make it a necessity for my phone.

    • Joschik says:

      Hi Josh, our plan is to use the phone for what it is excellent for, its ability to take images. So for us, the next step would be to match an image to the images in the database allowing you to identify an item without a UPC (or a modern item that is loose). We like to in parallel improve the mobile web experience so that it is the best it can be. If we can manage that what would an app add (we love to hear your views)?

  3. Vmesser73 says:

    I don’t like having to restart the app after each scan. If your entering lots then it’s just quicker to type the info in, than having to close out then reopen.  I hope this can be fixed.

  4. As you grow you may want to visit the possibility of members selling die cast collections that don’t have original packaging. A market no one seems to touch. Most collectors probably fall into that category and like myself have no where to move this stuff except to charity when they age.

    Just a thought, Give it some consideration.

    Jack Reynolds

    909 985-0404

    • chlaredo says:

      Can you expand on this because I am unsure of what you are referring to?  I am part of a group that sells all kinds of diecast that is not in original packaging  but most are Identified by there original packaging. My friend has a Toy store here in Washington and we get things in all the time without the packaging, but we can reference it back to the original packaging in almost all cases and the online auctions several in our group hold are mostly for loose without the original packaging.

    • Joschik says:

      We work hard to make sure you find items that are loose on hobbyDB and like to introduce an image recognition that matches an item against items in our database (another reason why we like for ours users to add as many images as they can).

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