How to best pass on your Collection to the Next Generation

Jeff Veres

Jeff collects Hard Rock Cafe pin and Casino Chips and is our curator for Chipco International, the main Casino Chip producer worldwide.

I am using hobbyDB to catalog and organize my collection so it can be passed down to my heirs. I have seen a lot of collectors pass away and watched in horror their collections sold off for pennies on the dollar.  Always almost due to the fact that their heirs could not catalog it, and just sold it in bulk without knowing the real value.  So here is what I do.

I collect primarily small items (Hard Rock pins and Casino Chips) so I place the items in small craft envelopes (they are also called coin envelopes).  I then create labels with the box number and a sequential item number.

When I am entering a Collectible into my collection I use this number as my storage location that way I can always go to that item number in the appropriate box. I then put the envelopes in the appropriate box (Hard Rock pins average 50 pins per box and casino chips average 100 chips per box).

Then I just line up the Boxes making finding an item easy as pie.


Now my heirs know what they will own one day, how much they are worth and have an easy way to sell some or all of them (and even if they sell the collection wholesome the buyer will value that they do not have to document the items as the collection can be moved over to their hobbyDB account).

Lastly, hobbyDB’s Showcase allows me to show my collection the way I want to.  I look forward to some of the other features you guys plan to add!

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3 years ago

That’s a great system!   Thanks for the hints.

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