Mythic Markets Offering First Appearance Wonder Woman Investment Opportunity


Mythic Markets

We’re always excited to share news and new opportunities when it comes to furthering the collectible community and our good friends at Mythic Markets have a new offering that has us feeling rather “super.”

With Mythic Markets, fans receive an opportunity to own a piece of their grail or that rare item. For Mythic, they want you to have a chance to invest in things that you actually care about.

Mythic MarketsThink of it as owning stock in an item, rather than a company.

Mythic Markets’ latest investment opportunity arrives from the world of DC Comics in the form of All-Star Comics #8. Comic enthusiasts know this issue as the first appearance of Wonder Woman.

The All-Star Comics #8 investment opens to the public at 9 a.m. PST on Jan. 27 on the Mythic Markets website.

Share prices begin at $37. With that you’ll receive shares from that asset, along with any of its earning potential.

Mythic purchased the All-Star Comics #8 — which was originally published in 1942 and is one of 63 books graded a 4.0+ — via Heritage Auctions.

It’s then securely stored in a humidity-controlled vault under the 24-hour watch of security.

Find all the information needed to invest by visiting the item’s IPO page here.

Check out more Mythic Markets offerings here and make sure to peruse their Comic Book Investment Guide.

Mythic Markets

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