Celebrating National Lego Day, hobbyDB Style


It’s National Lego Day and the crowd outside our office is already lined up for blocks!!

< crickets chirping >


Anyway. We’re honoring the annual celebration of all things Lego today from MiniFigs to BrickHeadz and all the tiny pieces that connect them to the forever expanding Lego universe.

Lego MovieFor millions of people, Legos are more than just those things that you step on with your bare feet in a dark living room in the middle of the night. For them, when it comes to the brand that made its debut in 1932, everything is awesome.

hobbyDB is home to close to 1,440 Lego items ranging from Books and Keychains to Clocks, Print Ads and Video Games. And, of course, Minifigs. Lots of minifigs.

For us at hobbyDB, we’re not just on a mission to document every Lego ever, we’re also builders ourselves.

Beckett, 9, shares her love for all things Star Wars and Marvel, including her 647-piece Stormtrooper helmet.


Nikolai, 13, used his keen eye to scratch-build this impressive Leopard II tank, the same one his father served on.


We can’t be the only ones having all the fun. We want to see your collection. Show us some of your favorite Lego builds in the comment below and perhaps we’ll use them for a future blog post.

Are you a Lego super collector? We’d like to show off your Lego collection as part of our Collector Showcase series. Let us know by messaging us at support@hobbydb.com.

Star Wars Legos

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