Why Subjects could be your new friend (and how they can become even more awesome!)

Musings by Joschik

Christian obsesses over collectibles, pop culture, antiques and toys more than the average person, but (he hopes) in a productive way. Documenting collectibles has been a passion since working on a book about his favorite childhood toys from Timpo Toys almost 40 years ago.

Generally, folks use the Database Items search to find that Boba Fett San Diego Comic-Con Special or literature about the 1972 Ford F100 Pick-up, but have you tried Subjects?

There are already 90,000 pages dedicated to movie characters, racing drivers and designers as well as Brands, Series, Cities, Movies and and and. When searching for Subjects, you can also browse related Subjects such as its Parents, Series and more  –


Using our Filters allows you to see new aspects, here, for example, all Characters that were invented by Funko  –


So what does it mean if a Subject is verified?

When we started hobbyDB it was all about adding Database Items, as collecting is really all about those! While we had big plans for Subjects, they were an afterthought and were created on the fly as our Squad members added new Hard Rock Cafe pins or Matchbox models, for example. This resulted in duplicated Subjects or Subjects without an image and description. We recently started focusing on this with our new Verifying system, which provides the ability for Curators to confirm that Subject pages are complete and fit for purpose (the same way they can verify Database Items)!

If you like writing, you will enjoy verifying Subjects! Here are the Olympic Games Subject pages that I just verified  –


So, if you like James Bond characters, Formula 1 Races, Cities in Norway or anything else, you can claim that territory (and verify those Subjects)! If you are not yet a Curator, but would like to help with this undertaking, let us know! You can read everything you want to know about Subjects in our revamped Help Section.

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