Getting Hot Wheels Listings Right – Part 1

Hot Wheels is believed to be the most collected diecast brand, ever. It is also most likely the best-researched one. And the one that for sure has the most variations – card differences, stickers, decals, interior colors and many other details make Hot Wheels such an exciting area!  It also created pages and pages of full of Database Items which in turn made it hard to find what users were looking for.

Thanks to Rob Graves we are finally fixing that.  He is currently working his way through our 50,000 Hot Wheels pages sorting them.

The Datsun Bluebird 510 casting is a great example of his work.  You can now all see all 30 Variants sorted by Name, Reference Number, Production Date, Date added to hobbyDB and Estimated Value and we plan to add more sort options, like owned by most members or most wanted.

Here for example sorted by Production Date, Oldest First  –


And here sorted by Estimated Value  –


Subvariants like Wheel Variations or Card Variations are at a lower level (here for example two Wheel Variations or a total of four Subvariants  –


We have already moved Errors to the lower level of Subvariants and plan to also similarly “hide” Customs and Prototypes (i.e.make them accessible to the users that want to see them but not to others).  Oh, and add Price Points so that we can calculate Estimated Values for EVERY Hot Wheels! Get in touch if you like to help with any of this.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the extra sorts!  I use newest and reference # all the time!

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