Introducing Infinite Scrolling to hobbyDB

Infinite ScrollYou asked and we listened and are now excited to introduce Infinite Scrolling to hobbyDB.

We queried more than 650 hobbyDB and Pop Price Guide faithful back in October, asking if you’d prefer Infinite Scrolling to pagination, be it on the database or the subject pages.

The answer was a resounding yes, with more than 80 percent choosing in favor of a form of Infinite Scrolling.


What is good about Infinite Scrolling?

The Infinite Scroll allows for much easier, seamless navigation of the database, without having to continually click any buttons to view the next page.

Now when you click on an item, it will open in a new window. This will allow you to research or add that item to your collection or Wish List, while preserving your original search.

Our built-in pagination to the URL also permits users to create a link to an item based on what page of the search they’re on.

For now, the Infinite Scroll feature works on both Database and Subjects pages, and we might extend it to your Showcase and the Marketplace.

For our Squad Members, you’ll experience easier access to our Subject Curation Tools (they are now on the top right versus at the bottom of the page).

Check out some examples of Infinite scrolling here…


Funko’s own Characters in alphabetic order


All the various Variants of the Hot Wheels Datsun 510 sorted by value (lowest first)


This is a very big change to the hobbyDB landscape, so, as always, please let us know if you encounter any issues. Message us at and we’ll gladly take a closer look.


Scroll on!

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3 years ago


3 years ago

I love this

3 years ago

Is infinite scrolling not available in Collection Management or Wish List? I’m still have to click to the next page

3 years ago
Reply to  007jayc

That is correct, we plan to make it next availalbe in your Showcase (which has your Collection and your Wish List) and then in the Marketplace. We are not sure yet about the Collection Management and Wish List Management pages as they are really there to edit your items versus browsing them. You will more on the differences between Showcase and Management pages here.

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