1969 – Topper Johnny Lightning Models from the First Year – Custom GTO

1969: Custom GTO

Casting Variations:

    • The Custom GTO body has two main variations:


      • Opening Door
      • Sealed Door

Paint Colors:

    • The Custom GTO came in a wide variety of colors, some featuring a flat black roof and black grille:


      • Color Chart in development – TBA


    • The interior is a plastic piece.


      • White
      • Red


      • Tinted blue/green


      • Goodyear Redlines


    • Topper took a ’68 Goat, and did its classic customizing. They did a major restyling of the front grill, and added a power bulge on the driver’s side of the hood.


    • In addition to numerous body colors, the roof paint options make for a lot of variation with the roof coming with a Landau Black Roof or No Black Roof.


    • The black accent paint on the grille was present on earlier releases but later went away, so this Detroit has a wide variety of variations!

The Custom GTO in Orange, Opening Doors and Black Roof

    • The Custom GTO came with white or red interiors and an opening hood. Earlier production had opening doors which were later abandoned.


    • The black roof is found on the opening door version as is the black grille paint.

Custom GTO in Orange, Opening Doors – No Black Roof

    • The opening door version also came without the black roof.

Custom GTO in Orange, Sealed Doors – No Black Roof

    • The sealed door version came without the black roof and without the grille paint.

Custom GTO Front and Rear

Base of the Custom GTO

Custom GTO in Dark Green, Opening Doors, with Black Roof

Custom GTO in Purple, Opening Doors, with Black Roof

Custom GTO in Purple, Sealed Doors – No Black Roof

Custom GTO in Gold

Custom GTO in Red

The Three Principal Variations of the Custom GTO, all in Gold

A set of beautiful Custom GTO Variations

More Custom GTO’s and Two in original Blister Pack

    The GTO’s commonly come in green (pine green), red, orange and purple. They are also found in honey gold, gold, lime, teal, blue, royal blue, and violet.
    The rarest color for a GTO is fuchsia.
    Black roof variations are more desirable but not necessarily more rare.
    Sealed door variations come in all of the above except for fuchsia, with blue being the toughest to find.
    Mirror finishes include orange, purple, light orange, red, gold, champagne pink with true pink the rarest.
    Since GTO’s are the favorite of most collectors, they usually command the highest prices. Most colors can be found in the $300 -$400 range. Gold and Lime with white interior $500+. Fuchsia is $800+.
    Most mirrors are in the $400-$600 range.
    For the mirror gold with white interior add at least another $200, Champagne Pink $700+, True Pink $900+.


All information taken with permission from the Online Redline Guide.



Thanks to Ted Gray for his tireless work!


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