The Longest Hot Wheels Track Ever

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Christian obsesses over collectibles, antiques and toys more than the average person, but (he believes) in a productive way. Documenting collectibles has been a passion since working on a book about his favorite childhood toys from Timpo 38 years ago.

Here at the hobbyDB team we like toys and have good memories of having run Hot Wheels tracks as children.   And who want to have the longest track?  Here is the author at his first attempt 50 years ago (with what looks like some Tootsie Toys… not really suitable for a long track – still had a lot to learn!).


Many tried, like this valiant attempt at the 2009 Wild-Weekend of Hot Wheels  –


Hot Wheels even tried itself sometimes in the early 1970s as Larry Wood told on one of our Fire Side Chats (the attempt failed as they tried the track in the hot Californian sun with the track buckling).  There were some official records and then in the 3 years the pace increased.

25 August 2018 the local division of Mattel.tried again and set the record in Zaryadye Park in Moscow with a track that stretches 1,838 feet 3.05 inches (560.30 meters)  –


Then a year on  21 November 2019 Joey Logani (the 2018 NASCAR Cup champion) broke it with 1941 feet (592 meters)  –


And another year later, on 4 August 2020, the Australians got into the act, the Fitzy & Wippa Show in Sydney track was 2,464 feet and 4 inches long (751.13 metres)  –


We think that is all lame.  We also do not like the use of Boosters  –


Who had those as a child?  It is all about natural gravity…  And as we are headquartered just outside the Mile High City  –


We plan to do a 1 Mile track with no Boosters…  and not a single lane, but two lanes (it is a race after all!).  And then race it in style, maybe with these  –

So if Mattel will give us the track (or somebody has $30,000 that they like to invest in something fun) then we will build it here  –

The path from Nederlands to Boulder


Or here –

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as
The Race to the Clouds has the coolest track in the world 


And we already have a logo….

52 comments to “The Longest Hot Wheels Track Ever”

  1. And then there is the Loop-de-Loop record, also from 2020!

  2. canalnoises says:

    Oh man, if I had $30k sitting around I would be so down for this.

  3. Nathan Stevens says:

    This would be awesome! I would come to Denver for this.

  4. Jejomar says:

    We have wekly races here in Manila and would love to be involved in somewhat so cool, count on us!

  5. Tammy Richardson says:

    How Wheels, bring this on!

  6. Jon Lewis says:

    You could use the Zoom In and create an NFT art piece!

  7. Thomas Schmidt says:

    Could I come and have one of my HWs raced as well?

  8. Dirk Meyerjohann says:

    You could do here in the Bavarian Alps as well!  We would love to host this!

  9. Michelle says:

    Ha ha, we could do in the French Alps as well!

  10. Sean in Fort Collins says:

    This would be fantastic for Colorado.  You should reach out to the state government and ask for help.

  11. Guillermo says:

    I make customs and could make you lots of Dairy Deliveries (they are just the fastest).  WOuld love to get involved.  This is so cool.

  12. John walker says:

    I’d definitely drive to Colorado to be part of this!
    This would be an EPIC road trip! Pun intended!

  13. hopex5 says:

    This is the best idea I’ve heard in awhile – would be so fun, not to mention helpful in taking our minds off of this Pandemic for a bit!  I would love to be a part of this!

  14. Tom Major says:

    This must happen!  It will undo some of the horrible 2020!

  15. Sharky8js says:

    i think the grand canyon would make a great site for it!!!!
    I also would like to see it with out superchargers… Just gravity!!!

  16. Tom Lindenhurst says:

    This is super exciting!

  17. RadioCarl says:

    Outstanding idea. Perhaps have a vintage car race against a modern one… 1968 vs. 2021. As an advertising guy, I believe that 30k would be a tiny fraction of what a big promotion like this would garner in free and earned media. Heck, might even be a Sports Center Play of the Day !

  18. Corey says:

    I would totally donate some track for this. Way cool!

  19. rallyrose says:

    Totally Awesome!

  20. Sherman67 says:

    You guys should talk to BMW and Porsche (lots of HWs of those now).  Or Ford?  Would be nicer if this was an All American Affair.

  21. NelsonR59er says:

    This would bring back the cool factor to Hot Wheels!

  22. Stuart Wilson says:

    Would love for this to be in the UK.  We have Ben Nevis 😉

  23. KMJ Diecast says:

    Mile High City and the Mile Long Hot Wheels Track! Yes Yes Yes I will be there and make sure you got Go Pro Camera’s onboard I am sure they will donate some in trade for some promotional footage. Also a TV Episode is a must to generate the excitement, after all when you see a Hot Wheels car going down that Orange Track is just brings out that kid inside of everyone! I am one big kid who refuses to grow up and I have track ready to use just for this event. Let’s do this!

  24. I would donate some track pieces to the effort.  Where do I send them?

  25. xc800can says:

    Yup! 100% behind you guys, and the Go-Pro cams out now will take it to the next level like Jon above said. Fingers crossed it you guys will “Git er done!!!”

  26. Baskingshark says:

    This is the coolest thing ever! It could be an annual thing – different location every year, maybe in different countries?! Great opportunity for someone to get some awesome publicity for sure too!

  27. greene430 says:

    I have track for the cause

  28. toyguy says:

    Sounds like a great idea……would also love to be part of this …..let us know….a GREAT first !

  29. Szedat7 says:

    Ha ha, this is great (and why did nobody think about this before?).  It is all about gravity!

  30. Shaun Reid says:

    Just bought this set (why did I not keep mine?).  If you do it I will try to come.

  31. Mo Miller says:

    Sounds like a party!  Would love to have my Hot Wheels run the course – think about it!

  32. Mikestep2 says:

    Sounds Like a Great idea!! One would sure think Mattel would be on board with the track!!

  33. Milo Barnes says:

    When is this happening?

  34. Reefer says:

    I’d bet you could get all that track donated by collectors. Let guys send signed track that would be used for the record, then donate it all to a diecast/auto museum, or children’s hospitals…

  35. Darby_C says:

    Pretty sure I had the longest track ever in my basement when I was a kid… It was like a million billion kerjillion feet long. Okay, more like 20 feet, but it seemed like it went on for miles back then.

  36. hotdgr says:

    This is a project that the Rocky Mountain Die-Cast Club would love to get behind!

  37. T Rowland says:



    I am the marketing manager for a local dealership- I’m going to present this idea to our GM on 3/24, at our next meeting. I’ll keep you posted. Are there any details I can share with the team?

  38. Carl Summers says:

    I will come along and will try to run one of my best cars on it…  Seriously, you should allow that!

  39. Chris Wuensch says:

    It looks like we’re not the only ones thinking about record-breaking Hot Wheels tracks! What do you think of the HW loop record?

  40. Loopy! says:

    Very cool. You should try just to add 100 loops within the track and get both records!

  41. Samster says:

    Please do when all this COVID stuff is done as I would love to come and see it (and help if you need that, I am quite good at building HW track…).

  42. Stan Lieberman says:

    This is an awesome idea, just brilliant

  43. Miguel Gonzalez says:

    I will gladly donate a lot of track to this if it helps.  Just contact me.

  44. Duckman says:

    Here is what I want to race 😉

  45. Mythictiger says:

    Sorry, is there a date scheduled for this?  Did not want to miss it and could not find it.

  46. Fordlover says:

    Talk to Chevrolet and Ford and have them sponsor it!  Corvette vs. Mustang…  This is a great idea, please do not let it die.

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