7 Bucks A Pop Latest Partner to Join the hobbyDB Multiverse

7 Bucks A Pop

We’re always looking for ways to introduce amazing people and items to the hobbyDB community. So we’re beyond thrilled to welcome and present to you our friends at 7 Bucks A Pop, who join us among the latest amazing partners in the hobbyDB multiverse.

Good friend Lee Biars, one of 1,000 owners of hobbyDB, founded 7 Bucks A Pop in 2017 as a way to meet a demand for reasonably-priced Funko Pop! figures.

Since then, 7 Bucks A Pop has branched out with many great features, including specialized PopShield Protectorsthe exclusive 7BAP Signature Seriesand Mystery Grail, which is the new Funko Pop mystery box that’s taking the hobby by storm. All of which will soon be available on hobbyDB.

Read more about the new partnership with 7BAP — the first PPG Marketplace seller directly linking to a Shopify storefront — on our affiliate blog Pop Price Guide here and check out more from 7 Bucks A Pop here.


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