Get To Know Your Fellow Collectors – Introducing the new hobbyDB Member Directory



Curious to see what your fellow hobbyDB Members collect or how they set up their Showcases, etc.?

Introducing our new Member Director, conveniently located in the search bar dropdown in the upper left on every hobbyDB page.

The new page currently allows you to filter through Showcases by Sellers, Profile Likes and whether or not they have an Avatar (a good indication for them being active on the site).

But that’s just the beginning! We’ll be adding much more filtering options for the Member page and would love to get your feedback.

Soon you’ll be able to filter for:

  • Liked by Me
  • Filter for Roles such as Curator or Owner
  • Sort by Most Collectibles in Collection
  • Sort by Best Liked


And that’s still not the end! Eventually, the goal is to also include the ability to:

  • Filter for Subjects Liked (i.e. what they collect)
  • Filter for Location (country, later more, maybe Postcode)
  • Club / Group Features (show clubs a member is part of)
  • Interested in Trading
  • Sort by Oldest signed up
  • Sort by Most Database Items added
  • And more




Speaking of Avatars, have you stylized your Showcase with Avatar and Banner images? These images can instantly spruce up any Showcase and are easy to set up.   And add a Banner (ideal is 1,200 x 250 pixels but anything wide can work – just try it out, only takes seconds).

And remember, you can also set some sections of your Showcase to private.

We want to know what you think. Tell us your thoughts on what you’d like to see in the Member Directory by commenting below or by messaging us at

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