Simplifying the Model Car Types

Documenting Collectibles is anything but easy and it takes a while to get it right.  We now have more than 180,000 different entries for Model Cars, Model Racing Cars, Model Trucks, Model Buses and Model Military Tanks & Armored Vehicles (here now in short just Model Vehicles).  In the beginning, we had the notion of lots of filters for cool things such as the number of engines or the number of wheels  –


But every field added was also more work, slowed the site down and often did not make sense for the vast majority of models.  For example, the Baseplate color is really only needed for models that say have a green and a black baseplate (like some early Matchbox Regular Wheel models).  Those models are always Subvariants and as such, they have the Subvariant Title and Details photo which here would say “Green Baseplate” / “Black Baseplate” and show an image of those green and black baseplates.  Here an example of good Subvariant explanations  –

That is why we have been removing these fields for all Model Vehicle Types  –

  • Baseplate Material
  • Baseplate Color
  • Window Color
  • Interior Color
  • Wheel Type


This is a big step for Model Vehicles on hobbyDB!  Other projects ongoing or planned are  –

  1. We have not yet finished the Subvarianting (mostly an exercise for Hot Wheels and Matchbox) and have kept a backup for those rare case where models that need subvarianting have not been done yet and the difference cannot be seen from the photos (say interior color or those baseplates again!).  We are about 60% done (a big thanks to everybody who is helping here, in particular to Rob Graves here!).
  2. Merging Year Series Subjects like Hot Wheels Mainline 2013, Hot Wheels Mainline 2014, etc into Hot Wheels Mainline.  This was possible through the introduction of the Released Year filter and is an ongoing exercise (we are about 40% done – again thanks to all that help here! with a special shout out to Canal Noises).  More here.
  3. Concatenating Related Subjects – merging fields for Related Driver, Related Character, Related Event, etc into just one field called Related Subjects and create a Filter for it.
  4. Simplifying colors to a much smaller number and add a Color Filter.  We currently have 9 Red tones  –
  5. Combining Types (for example combining Model Cars and Model Racing Cars as it is often not easy to identify what all variants of a casting are).

10 comments to “Simplifying the Model Car Types”

  1. Karl says:

    Simplifying is always a good idea. I hope it speeds up the database. Too bad though because I just moved around model car and model race car types! 🙁

    Did you shift all data that were in now-deleted fields to more generic fields (Related Subjects, etc)? Or did I loose all my wheel type data? I’ll go check now….

    For some race cars, the Related Subjects could be a long list now. Will that also slow down the database? or slow down search?

    • Joschik says:

      Hi Karl, we have not yet done the Related Subject work but it will show them in an organized way (similar to Brand and Series now show).  They will also show their lables.

      We still have the Wheel Type fields (more than 1,000 of them) and the problem was that we got fields called White Tyres, Black Wheels etc etc.  It would be nice to have a page that shows all the Wheel Types of some of the older brands (not sure that would add value to Minichamps or AutoART) and ideas here are welcome.

  2. Karl says:

    I did do the 3 wheels types for Marklin RAK – see

    OK, I’ll stay tuned!   Faster is always better!  🙂

  3. Karl says:

    Very nice page!  How do you link that to the RAK model car pages?  Or do you at all?  Or just because it is a sub-type of RAK?

    • Joschik says:

      Open to views here.  I really have not heard much of”I want to see all models that have Ultra Hot wheels in orange”.  Every now and then people look for models with say Playart Circular Hubcap Wheels in order to buy the cheapest and replace a missing Hubcap but it is a rare use case.  The Wheel pages (and box, card, spare part and other overview pages would be linked to the Brand or sometimes a Series.

  4. Karl says:

    I think you are right.  Most people would have a model car and want to know if they have a rare wheel variation and just look for that car.  (not the other way around)…

  5. says:

    I know Hot Wheels is your main diecast model you deal with but many 1/18 scale collectors were left outside when Scale18 shuttered its database of models releases. Everyone was thrilled it was being moved to your site with hopes it would be better but I have to sadly say it failed to live up to that expectation.

    I know the upgrades are a work in progress but in searching 1969 Camaro, model cars, database. This gives me tons of models. I then use the specific manufacturer ie: Highway 61 and it shows NONE. Highway 61 released over 100, 1/18 scale, 1969 Camaros and for the system to show none after, how many years now, of you controlling it’s just sad.

    I have to use the general search described above then scroll though pages till I see a highway 61, 69 Camaro, then click on the variants to see most of them but still not all.

    I would hope you can get this part updated since it seems your going deep enough to do tire and wheel variations on Hot Wheels it would be nice to see 1/18 scale get at least all manufacturers catagorized.

  6. Joschik says:

    Hi John,

    I found about 50.  Here is what I did  –

    1. Search for Camaro
    2. Add the Brand
    3. Add the Scale (there are a few 1/43 Scale)

    I think overall pretty good, or not?

    That being said we could do this much better.  We do not have an active 1/18 curation team – want to help?

  7. Karl says:

    That is strange.  I typed “Highway 61 1969 camaro” without the quotes into the search window and all the top hits were the ones you wanted…  I am not a Hot Wheels guy like you, so I would be happy to help you fix up any 1/18 issues.  Let me know.

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