Coming Soon! The Story of Ledy Johnny Lightning Bolidos


The author of Los Autenticos: The Story of Hot Wheels Products Made Under License in Mexico by CIPSA had done it again!

The story of LEDY Johnny Lighting Bolidos and the 4 lost Toppers …





Lily Ledy

Lili Ledy was Mexico’s premiere toy manufacturer but because of trade law restrictions, all toys they sold had to be manufactured in Mexico.  Thus, many popular US toy lines were licensed and produced by Lili Ledy in Mexico resulting in wonderful variations that toy collectors search for to this day.  A lot of favorites like the Star Wars, Mego Superheroes, G.I. Joe and Kenner TTP are included along with some interesting Mexican market items such as a line of die cast cars marketed as “Bolidos”.
Bolidos were made for only two years: 1972 and 1973 with a total of 23 models, all designs licensed from foreign companies. In their promotional materials and packaging, LEDY assigned names that differ from the names assigned by the original manufacturer, however the logos and model names embossed on the base of the car remains the same as the original manufacturer. Three of the 23 models were licensed from an Italian company called Mercury Speedy Velox and twenty of them have the “Topper/Johnny Lightning” nomenclature and logo on the base.













Theodore (Ted) Gray is the owner, developer and custodian of the Online Redline Guide, and author of Los Autenticos: The Story of Hot Wheels Products Made Under License in Mexico by CIPSA.

For over 10 years, the OLRG has provided detailed information on the Hot Wheels product line from the redline era, ’68-’77. The site features details of the variations of the diecast cars, associated track sets, promotions and mechandise.


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