Adding Graded Collectibles to Your hobbyDB Collection

Graded Collectibles

Nothing quite helps validate a collectible like a rating from a professional grading company.

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce the ability for you to add professionally Graded items to your hobbyDB Collection.

Graded collectibles are items that have been assessed by a reputable company and assigned a grade depending on condition and other qualifiers. 

And now you can add yours to hobbyDB.

Setting Your Graded Items

Designating a Graded item in your hobbyDB collection is easy.

Use the filters in your Manage Collection page to locate your item. Once found, click the Action dropdown menu and select Edit.

From there, by clicking “Yes,” you can specifically tailor your Graded items according to close to 50 different respected grading companies – with any missing ones coming soon.

Graded Collectibles

The new feature allows you to add detailed information, such as the Grades and Grading Authenticity Numbers, but also any specific Qualifiers a Grading Company might use such strikes, labels, miscuts, blue paper and more. Learn more via our Graded Collectibles Help Page.

Up next for us are CoAs for items that are not graded.

We’d like to know your thoughts. Reply below with any questions, kudos or concerns or message us at

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