Hot Wheels at the Concours at Pasadera 2021

August 6th Concours at Pasadera to

feature HOT WHEELS!



This year’s event includes inspired collections of Hot Wheels by Mattel.

Aficionados of all ages can exhibit, with five classes available to present their collection.

Your collection of Hot Wheels isn’t just taking over a room in your house — it’s an investment portfolio.

The famous toy from Mattel has become hugely collectible, with fans unearthing pieces that could belong in an investment portfolio. For the 2021 event, the Hot Wheels Concours will present scale-model cars (1967-2021) owned by exhibitors from around the world.

Famed collector Bruce Pascal will exhibit a selection of his prized models, one of which will be the famous 1969 Beach Bomb valued at $175,000.


Read more about the Bruce Pascals most famous Hot Wheels car in the world HERE

5 Category Groups will be recognized. Exhibitors are invited to submit their collection in all 5 category groups. A maximum of 3 applications per Award Group can be submitted to be judged at the first-ever, Hot Wheels Concours. CASA of Monterey County will be the benefactor, receiving a contribution from the event.

Class Awards:

Elliot Handler Award 

Chosen by the three-member panel as the most significant exhibition piece at the show.  The Award is created by Tiffany and Co.

2021 Hot Wheels Concours Trophy 

Chosen by the Head Judge as the car best representing the spirit of the 2020 event.  The Award is created by Tiffany and Co.

Best of Show Award  

Chosen by popular vote, cast by guests and officials attending the event.  The Award is created by Tiffany and Co.





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