Exclusive Funko Offers from our Friends at Legion M, Monthly Pops and More

Legion M Monthly Pops

The collectibles universe is one big community and we always enjoy sharing cool promotions, exclusives and more whenever we get the opportunity.

Our partners have been busy of late with several new Funko Pop! exclusives, both of which you can order here.

Check them out below!

Legion M’s Scary Exclusive

Red Miller Mandy

Our friends at Legion M proudly boast their first-ever Funko exclusive with the release of “Evil” Red Miller. The Pop! Movies figure is dedicated to Nicolas Cage’s murderous character in the cult classic psychedelic horror film “Mandy.”

Order yours from Legion M by clicking here, then follow this link to add it to your hobbyDB collection.


Monthly Pops Makes it Rainn

Monthly Pops

We’ve teamed together with Monthly Pops to offer our second collaboration from their Autograph Series with an exclusive Dwight Schrute (Scranton Strangler) Funko Pop! figure signed by none other than Rainn Wilson.

The Pop! arrives with a JSA Authentication Sticker on the side of the box, as well as a COA card that matches the serial number on the sticker.

You must act quickly, however! This collection comes with a rarity of just 25 signed…and fewer than 10 remain!

Order Dwight Schrute (Scranton Strangler) (Rainn Wilson Autograph) here!


Protect those Pop! figures!

Vaulted Vinyl and 7BAP

We know how important your Pop! figures are to you. So we want to help you keep them well protected. To do so, we recommend visiting our friends at 7 Bucks A Pop for their PopShield Pop Protectors and Vaulted Vinyl for their unique Display Vaults.


7 Bucks A Pop

7 Bucks A Pop


Vaulted Vinyl

Vaulted Vinyl

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