1969 Hot Wheels “The Fast Cars Book”.

For 1969, Mattel commissioned a photo book of Hot Wheels in action for kids.

Front Cover of The Fast Cars Book.

The book only cost 29 cents. That was significantly cheaper than the price of a single Hot Wheels car.

The book was published by Golden Press of New York. Jo Anne Wood did the writing and aimed it at young kids. But it’s the photography by Gerry Swart that stands out.

Although there was no 6 lane raceway in 1969…

2017 edition of the 6 Lane Raceway.

…the book starts with that layout.

l to r: Ford J car, Custom Firebird, Splittin’ Image, Deora, red Hot Heap and aqua Hot Heap.

Next, the book takes us into some curves.

Ford J car in the curves.

Twinmill running hot!

Splittin’ Image blasting through a full turn.

Then we see some stunting.

A Custom Camaro and Silhouette in the loop.

Taking the jump.

Here comes the 2 lane Drag Race Action Set from 1968.

The Silhouette beats the Custom Camaro to the flag.

The 1969 Action City play set is the backdrop for the next page.

Action City’s full layout.

A red Hot Heap on an Action City road.

For the Service Station picture, this 1968 Pop Up play set gets used.

Pop Up Service Station – front.

Pop Up Service Station – back.

A Custom Camaro getting full service treatment.

Back to Action City.

Next up, the 1969 Talking Service Center.

For some reason, the blue Splittin’ Image is travelling backwards down the top floor ramp of the Talking Service Center.

Finishing up in Action City.

Last page.

Back cover.

Here’s is a YouTube video of this book.

1969s Hot Wheels “The Fast Cars Book”

Showing Hot Wheels are still fast. Still fun.

1969 Collectors’ Catalog picture of the Action City play set. Copyright Mattel, Inc.



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