Castheads Magazine to Take the Wheel of the Model Car Hall of Fame

Castheads MagazineFrom Carroll Shelby to Larry Wood and all pioneers between, the Model Car Hall of Fame has gathered together enthusiasts from across the scale vehicle world to celebrate all the best in the hobby (by now around 250 individuals, brands and models). Ever since taking over management in 2017, the hobbyDB team has loved every moment of being able to facilitate the recognition of so many revolutionaries of the diecast industry. We also have worked hard to make the Hall better by quadrupling the award categories to 26, expanding the Selection Committee, and inviting the community to be more involved by getting visibility as Patrons and 132 Community Supporters in 29 countries. 

We’ve always dreamt of doing even more, but in order to take things to the next level, we knew we must find someone that would compliment the Hall in terms of skill set and, of course, passion. We’re pleased to announce that our search is over and would like to proudly welcome Model Car Hall of Fame’s newest owner… Castheads Magazine!


Model Car Hall of Fame


We first got to know the Castheads founders when they came on board as a community supporter of the Hall back in 2018. Then fast forward two successful years later to 2020, where they became an official inductee to the Model Car Hall of Fame for their incredible ability to make the diecast collecting world feel a little more real for a world that was gripped by a pandemic.

Founded in 2018, the magazine is the progeny of two avid diecast collectors from Sri Lanka, Nigel J De Zilwa and Lance K Müller. Originally, the team started out making display shelves and desktop dioramas, but then the two founders were inspired to start a digital magazine that catered to the collectors in Asia (as there had never been a Pan-Asian diecast magazine).

In addition to the team in Sri Lanka, they have grown a collective of individuals both in the U.S. and Europe who regularly contribute to the magazine. Castheads Magazine will have its first printed limited edition issue in Europe this June. It will be distributed via a network of hobby stores, as well as brand-owned stores across France, Germany and Austria in the initial phase.

Castheads Magazine

Over the past few years, the Castheads team has worked hard to build a content publishing machine that features the lives of collectors all across the world. The platform also provides information on new models, reviews on brands and diecast accessories like figures and dioramas and highlights customizers, photographers and people who contribute to making the diecast world more vibrant. 

Christian Braun, the Hall’s Chair says “The Castheads are incredible fanatics of everything with wheels, they are great to work with and really will enable us in our mission to make the Hall truly international.”

Castheads Magazine

We’re excited to share that the Castheads team will be refreshing and improving this year’s nomination and selection process. And even better – together we will be much more active in terms of updating the community on all the incredible things that our past and future nominees, patrons, community supporters and industry affiliates have been working on.

“Castheads Magazine is proud and excited to take ownership and power the Model Car Hall of Fame forward to greater heights in 2021 and beyond. And enabling it to encompass more and more people around the world who contribute to making the scale model world, as well as the wider automotive world out there more breathtaking.” Lance K Müller, co-founder, Castheads

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the exciting year ahead for the Hall, subscribe to updates on Facebook and thank you as always for all of your incredible support.

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