World’s Most Expensive Hot Wheels Gets Its Own NFT Equivalent!

Following the lead of Mattel taking Hot Wheels to the NFT art world, Bruce Pascal has decided to give his most prized possession, the 1968 Pink VW Rear-Loader Beach Bomb, an NFT equivalent.

Tony & Carmen Matthews, the team behind SuperFly Autos & Diecast Heroes, will be launching the Pink Beach Bomb NFT on behalf of Bruce on July 26th, via the Marketplace, which is to be the first from his extensively rare 4,000+ collection of Hot Wheels.

The Pink Beach Bomb Prototype owned by Bruce Pascal, now valued at $175,000, was Mattel’s first attempt at designing a Volkswagen Microbus. The problem, for the toy maker, was that by putting the surfboards into the bus through the rear window, the weight balance didn’t work out, so Mattel redesigned the VW van with thicker, heavier sides and put the surfboards on the side as well. That makes the Rear-Loader Pink Beach Bomb a verified Prototype and thus extremely rare. Bruce himself had two at one point, selling on the one in less well preserved condition making his the most valued Hot Wheel there is at present.

As every Hot Wheel enthusiast is aware by now, Mattel launched their first three NFT’s – The Twin Mill, Deora II and Bone Shaker – on an auction placed on their own website mid June 2021.

Whilst The Twin Mill, Deora II and the Bone Shaker are all still in production at Hot Wheels you won’t find another of the 1968 VW Pink Rear-Loader Beach Bomb. It is the only one and the one in best condition of its kind to date. A true collectors item translated into a .mp4 file worthy of true Hot Wheel Collectors interested to follow the NFT art world.

Bruce said: “I want other people to experience the Beach Bomb,” and this is one way to bring this forward given the difficult world stage and it’s likelihood to be able to visit his private museum in Maryland.

Giving someone the super rare opportunity to own a 1-of-1 NFT of this prized possession is a true collectors dream come true in the NFT world where NFT’s are crossing over into collectors and art items. On his Marketplace on, he is welcoming every collector and Hot Wheel enthusiast interested to bid on his NFT.

The Auction will still be ending just after the Pasadera Concours d’Elegance (August 5th & 6th) where the Pink Beach Bomb will take a stage among other rare Hot Wheels, giving everyone there as well a little time to go online upon returning home.


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— Links: Follow Bruce Pascal on Instagram! @pinkbeachbomb


Image Source: Owner Bruce Pascal; Image Credit: Jon Hambacker at

Want to see more of Bruce’s vast and rare Red Line collection? Press Contact: Tony & Carmen Matthews on behalf of Bruce Pascal


Tony & Carmen Matthews
Co-founders/Editors & Photographers
“This Is How We Roll”


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