Mattel Kicks Off 12 Days of Fandom, Masters of the Universe: Revelation now on hobbyDB

Mattel 12 Days of Fandom


Mattel has kicked off its 12 Days of Fandom and there’s so much to be excited about from Star Wars, DC Comics and Jurassic Park to Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe and so much more from its San Diego Comic Con 2021 Reveals.

Check out details from the event here, then make sure to peruse our entire Mattel database by following this link. Our team will be doing their best to quickly add the latest from Mattel’s 12 Days of Fandom to hobbyDB. So check back in 288 hours and we’ll provide a recap of some of our new favorite “super cool collectibles!!”



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Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Kevin Smith’s animated series “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” makes it debut today (July 23) on Netflix. As if we weren’t excited enough, we went ahead and added Mattel’s Eternia Minis: Revelation collection to the hobbyDB database. See all of our Masters of the Universe collectibles here.



Masters of the Universe Mattel


Fisto and Stridor

Masters of the Universe Mattel

Masters of the Universe



Masters of the Universe Mattel

Masters of the Universe


Are you a diehard Mattel fan? What about Masters of the Universe or any other great franchise? We’d love for you to share that wealth of knowledge and fandom with the hobbyDB Squad. Our team adds items and prices to the database, curates subjects and much, much more. If this sounds like a squad for you, message us at!

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