Top-15 Jason Voorhees / Friday the 13th Collectibles on hobbyDB

Jason Voorhees

It’s Friday the 13th and rather than going camping, we’ve decided to stay home and examine some of the most-valuable Jason Voorhees collectibles from the safety of our own couches.

From Funko to Sideshow and plenty of brands between, you can find close to 100 items dedicated to the franchise that began in the bone-chilling waters of Crystal Lake.

Estimated values aren’t scary, but they do tend to fluctuate. Follow this link for a list of the most-valuable Friday the 13th collectibles currently found on hobbyDB.


Top-15 Friday the 13th & Jason Voorhees Collectibles


15. Horror Haul Box (Funko) ($25)



14. Jason Voorhees (Funko) (Plush) ($27)

Funko Plush


13. Jason Voorhees (Bloody) (Funko) (Super7) ($28)

Funko Super7


12. Jason Voorhees (Bag Mask) (Funko) ($29)



11. Horror Classics (Jason, Freddy & Sam) (Funko Pocket Pop!) ($29)

Funko Pocket Pop


10. Jason Voorhees (Metallic Jacket Edition) (The Loyal Subjects) ($32)

The Loyal Subjects


9. Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees (2-Pack) (Funko) ($40 – $46)



8. Jason Voorhees (Glow in the Dark) (Funko Wacky Wobblers) ($46)

Funko Wacky Wobblers


7. Jason Voorhees (NES Colors) (Funko Mystery Minis) ($55)

Funko Mystery Minis


6. Jason Voorhees (NES) (Funko Super7) ($70)

Funko Super7


5. Jason Voorhees (Gentle Giant) ($125)

Gentle Giant


4. Jason Voorhees (Sideshow Collectibles) ($210)

Sideshow Collectibles


3. Jason Voorhees (Sideshow Collectibles) ($210)

Sideshow Collectibles


2. Jason Voorhees (Glow in the Dark) (Chase) (Funko) ($490)



1. Jason Voorhees (Unmasked) (Funko SDCC 2015) ($700 – $1,030)


Are you not afraid to show off your Friday the 13th fandom? Bring that passion for Jason Voorhees to the hobbyDB Squad! Our team adds items, prices and UPC codes, curates subjects and much more. Let us know if you’re interested by messaging us at!

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