Rate Your Favorite Collectibles with the new Member Rating Feature on hobbyDB!

Member Rating

We love introducing new features on hobbyDB to help you maximize your collecting experience. With our new tool, now you can tell us what you love…and what you don’t.

Introducing Member Ratings, your chance to rate your favorite and least favorite items in the entire hobbyDB database.

Look for the “Member Rating” box located on every item page just below the item title. By simply clicking the “Rate” button you can designate a rating of your choice for that item based on a five star system (with five being the best). Then be patient, your vote will show on the item page once our system recalculates every 24 hours.


Pro tip – if you’re not seeing the “Member Rating” box on item pages, try clearing your cache.

Go ahead and start by rating five or so of your favorite and not-so-favorite items, then let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns or clear up any issues you might be experiencing. Shoot us a message at support@hobbyDB.com.

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2 years ago

My absolute best item is the GM-PD4501 deck and a half bus :) .

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