hobbyDB Collector Showcase Member John Walker!

hobbyDB and TTP Member John Walker –  Motoboyf3 – is the TTP Spotlight member!



John was born in 1970, and has been collecting Hot Wheels since 1997.
His only childhood Redline is a battery powered Sizzler that was found while demolishing his childhood home after hurricane Harvey.



Because he was born “after” the redline era, he had asked his mom why he had “Redline” memories. Stores at the time of his youth were selling primarily Black Wall Hot Wheels.



His mother said it was because most of his toys came from garage sales.




Here is “little John” playing with what looks like a Super 8 Sizzler track!


Like most other collectors, he collected EVERYTHING Hot Wheels. In 2010 he sold almost everything except for pre 1982 cars and some very special pieces to help with his parents and in-laws after Hurricane Harvey.


His one very special piece is one of the rarest Hot Wheels in existence… a Hot Pink Beatnik Bandit.


Since then, John has got back into collection head first… with his main focus (of course) ….the BEATNIK BANDIT!




He loves the cars but would give it all up if it weren’t for his friends that collect too.


John at a Hot Wheels Redline event in Las Vegas



John preparing for a FLASH Hot Wheels Track set-up in Las Vegas!




John’s 3 sons, 18,21 and 24 collect as well —but not very avidly.




Thank you John for your story and Hot Wheels passion!




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