Meet the “Timpo Toys Artist” and new hobbyDB Friend and Advisor Alfred Plath

Timpo Toys

When it comes to Timpo Toys, Alfred Plath considers it a little more than just collecting. It’s more like time traveling.

Alfred has spent close to six decades “traveling through time” to learn everything he can about an item, from production sites and processes to its history and relationship with its country of origin.

And now the artist, author and skilled martial artist is bringing that expertise of Timpo Toys to hobbyDB as the latest member of the hobbydb Advisory Council.

Alfred Plath Timpo

in the front former Timpo Toys technical director Norman Tooth (left) and factory manager John Landon (right) 32 years after Timpo closed its doors (with Alfred in the background)

Meet Alfred Plath

Alfred’s journey into collecting Timpo Toys began in 1964.

That passion soon turned into artistry with his custom pieces. Known as a Timpo Artist, Alfred’s new figures and dioramas are crafted exclusively with Timpo parts without the use of any outside elements such as glue, paint or cutting the model.

In 2003, he set out to scour the globe to intensively research the history of the company, via archive searches and more than 300 interviews with former Timpo employees. All of which is documented in his 2005 book Timpo Toys LTD. and his CD-ROM titled Timpo Toys The Movie.

Now he’s working on the first-ever online database for Timpo Toys. Frozen North Series is the first section that is close to being finished.


Timpo Toys


Your host, Alfred Plath

Alfred was instrumental in organizing a Timpo reunion party in 2010 and was attended by more than 150 former employees, board representatives and collectors from five countries.

A year later — and once again at the former Timpo headquarters in Shotts, Scotland — Alfred played host to the first Timpo exhibition with the help of the Scottish government.


Alfred Plath, Martial Artist

You might want to think twice before stepping into the ring with him. Which ring? You name it. Alfred has spent more than 30 years visiting 47 countries learning 54 varieties of martial arts. He has served as a martial arts writer and editor in the Philippines, organizing the largest Philippine martial arts festival. That’s in addition to participating in several full-contact Europe and world championships.

Some of Alfred’s Customs

Alfred Plath

You can read more about Alfred on his site –

Follow the emerging Timpo Toys database on hobbyDB or contact us if you like to help to put it together!

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2 years ago

Hi Alfred, thanks for joining us. I founded hobbyDB for all collectibles but it really started with Timpo Toys (here is an earlier post I published on this Blog).

Alfred Plath
Alfred Plath
2 years ago
Reply to  Joschik

Hi, thanks for the inclusion. It’s great that you are also enthusiastic about Timpo. I look forward to the cooperation

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