YouTube Channels We Love: Funko Edition

Some people like to enjoy music on YouTube. Others prefer watching videos of cute animals. Us? We spend our time watching our fellow collectors doing what they do best.

We’re on a mission at hobbyDB to become the ultimate resource for Funko collectors worldwide. That includes the realm of YouTube, where we routinely turn to the “experts” for the latest news, unboxings and tips for spotting fakes. And much more.

We’re talking about the likes of PPG Anti-Fake Coalition partners such as Dr. Applesauce and Tio de Barba Branca (Whitebead Uncle) — the latter who recently surpassed 2,100 video uploads!

Other favorites include one of the biggest Funko YouTube channels Top Pops with its 325,000+ subscribers and PPG Squad contributor Gastlecast.

So we thought we’d share some of our favorite YouTube channels that we regularly tune to for educational, revelational and, of course, entertainment purposes.

Check out some samples of their work below.

Then stay tuned! For those who collect more than just Funko, we’ll soon be sharing our favorite YouTube channels for action figures and diecast models.


Ten of our Favorite Funko YouTube Channels


Collecting with Dr. Applesauce

Fakes, unboxings and more


Tio da Barba Branca (Whitebeard Uncle)

Fakes, unboxings


The Gastlecast

All things collectible


Top Pops

All things Funko


The Luau

Giveaways and unboxings


POP Couple

Pop hunting, mystery boxes and unboxings


Tim’s Collectibles

Giveaways and more


Sean Ryan Toys & Games

Mystery box and unboxings


Nerdy Newb

Subscription unboxings, vlogs, challenges and more





Do you have a favorite YouTube channel dedicated to Funko? Share them with us in the comments below!

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