YouTube Channels We Love: Diecast Models Edition

Diecast Models

Some people like to enjoy music on YouTube. Others prefer watching videos of cute animals. Us? We spend our time viewing our fellow collectors doing what they do best.

We’re on a mission at hobbyDB to become the ultimate resource for diecast collectors worldwide. That includes the realm of YouTube, where we routinely turn to the “experts” for the latest news, unboxings and tips for spotting fakes. And much more.

When it comes to diecast models, there’s plenty to watch.

So we thought we’d share some of our favorite YouTube channels that we regularly tune to for educational, revelational and, of course, entertainment purposes.

Check out some samples of their work below.

Then stay tuned! We’ll soon be sharing our favorite YouTube channels for diecast model unboxings and restorers, as well as action figures. Check out our favorite Funko YouTube channels here.


Ten of our Favorite Diecast YouTube Channels


Peak Time Racing


At Toni’s Garage


AC Collection


Scale Enthusiasm


Robs Model Cars


Model Cars Houston


Honest Diecast


MH Motors


SC&DC Sports Cars and Diecast Channel


Imperial Diecast

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Motley Mike
Motley Mike
11 months ago

I like MrProfGenius as he did 1/64 Scale videos and in particular Tomica are hard to come by here in Canada

Dallas A Alexander
Dallas A Alexander
10 months ago

RaceGrooves and HotWheels TV are good channels for HotWheels collectors.

10 months ago

AC collection? You mean Diecast Dude!

Honest Diecast
Honest Diecast
10 months ago

Extremely honored and humbled to be on this list! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 👊😁🙏❤

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