Always wanted to know more about these mysterious Hong Kong plastic models

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Christian obsesses over collectibles, antiques and toys more than the average person, but (he believes) in a productive way. Documenting collectibles has been a passion since working on a book about his favorite childhood toys from Timpo 41 years ago.

I owned two of these roughly HO-Scale trucks as a child (they transported my Airfix figures) and always wanted more about them  –

They only said “E” and “Made in Hong Kong” under them.  I had not thought much about them until recently our Squad Coordinator Isaac came for a visit and as a first thing to do showed me all the models he bought on the way – various Hot Wheels, Matchbox, an M2 Machines and one of these Bedfords!  Intrigued I looked around and found a lot of them which I bought and then also figured out who was behind that logo!  Here is my Bedford haul (the red and orange one on the top left is I believe a color variant of the tipper right below it)  –

Empire Toys!  I bought these fourteen abd have added them and two more color variants that I found images of online to the Empire Toys’ Bedford Series. Now, of course, I am keen to find out if there are any more?  Let me know if you own one (or even better add it to hobbyDB)!  I

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Christian Pamp
Christian Pamp
2 years ago

I only have one of them, I guess an ex stake truck.
They are pretty accurately 1/76 scale, presumably to be used as trackside models for the British 00 Gauge model railways.

Empire Bedford S.JPG
2 years ago

I love that hobbyDB covers these esoteric subjects (and got one of them, the tanker).

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