ICYMI – Hot Wheels NFT’s, New Records for Coca-Cola Cans and Grateful Dead Tees!


We love it when our fellow collectors make news. So occasionally we like to share stories from the collectible universe that make us laugh, think and, sometimes, say “wow!”

Here are some stories you might have missed.

Hot Wheels NFT Garage Opening Soon

Hot Wheels is burning up the track as they voyage into the world of NFT’s, the company announced recently. The “non-fungible token” is a recent trend in collecting that essentially allows a collector to exclusively own a digital version of an item. With the Hot Wheels offer, there is a redemption opportunity to own an actual diecast model.

We do not add NFT’s to hobbyDB, as they are often housed on separate NFT enabled platforms. But if you’re lucky enough to score a physical model, look for it soon on hobbyDB. Peruse our entire Hot Wheels database here.


Coke is it!


At least it is for Gary Feng. The Canadian collector recently earned a place in the Guinness record books with more than 11,300 cans of Coke-Cola. The distinction honors Gary as owning the largest collection of soft drink cans for one brand — including a can that dates back to 1955.

We have more than 31 Coke-Cola subjects on hobbyDB, housing more than 750 collectibles dedicated to the soft drink giant. Check out our entire Coke-Cola database here where we have a range of items from diecast and print ads to vinyl art toys, statues/busts and chess sets. We have one can on hobbyDB, the Roy Lichtenstein version that you see above. If you collect cans, let us know if you’d like to help us build up the hobbyDB database.

Here’s a gander at Gary’s impressive collection here –


Peace, Love & Groovy Collectibles

The Grateful Dead may have come of age during the time “free love,” but if you still own any relics from then, you might be a rich person. So was the case recently when a pair of original Grateful Dead T-shirts sold at auction for a record-setting $17,640 and $15,120, respectively.

Part of the Sotheby’s “From the Vault: Property From the Grateful Dead and Friends” lot, the tees were designed by Allan “Gut” Terk, a graphic artist and member of the Hell’s Angels. The previous record holder, you ask? That would be Led Zeppelin’s 1979 Knebworth concert t-shirt, which was sold in 2011 for $10,000.

Check out Grateful Dead (Yellow) and Steal Your Face on hobbyDB.





Have you heard any fun stories about unique collectors or collections making news? Share them with us below or shoot a message to support@hobbyDB.com!


From Hot Wheels NFTs to records for Can and T-shirt collectors, we have the latest news from the collectibles world that you may have missed.

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