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hobbyDB Subjects

We love our Subjects on hobbyDB. This is where we go to find all related items to our favorite franchises and brands, characters, cars and lots, lots more.

If you’re a fan of it, you’ll likely find it among more than 87,000 Subjects currently found on hobbyDB. That includes Official Archives for brands such as Hard Rock International and Kidrobot.

We and the hobbyDB Squad have recently began a project aimed at reducing the number and redundancy of Subjects in the guide. Thanks to our advanced new filters, we’ve begun the process of removing subjects with dates — starting with about 3,000 of them. We’re talking about subjects such as Mainline 1972 or San Diego Comic Con 2018, for example. Now we’re doing the same with events, artificial series and more.

We will not do this for Car Races and maybe other specific events (the models of cars that run in that year will not have that production date). We hope this change helps clean up some of our subjects and makes them more powerful in the long run.

hobbyDB Subjects

But now back to the fun stuff.

We wanted to know exactly which Subjects were the most popular among hobbyDB users. We calculate this by the amount of people who click the “heart” icon located on every Subject page. Check out the most-liked below, including a few special collectibles from each Subject.


Top-11 Most-Liked Subject Pages on hobbyDB


11. Porsche (2,516 likes)

McQueen Drives Porsche ($3,000)



Porsche 934 Turbo RSR (Hot Wheels) ($2,100)

Hot Wheels


10. Kidrobot (2,792 likes)

Death Blossom Clairvoyant 8″ Dunny with Crystal Ball ($1,250)



Les Viandardes ($1,030)



9. Hard Rock International (3,594 likes)

Jeweled Breast Cancer Awareness Guitar ($5,130)

Hard Rock Cafe Pins


Madrid FC Parry Red Les Paul Prototype ($2,750)

Hard Rock Cafe


8. Garbage Pail Kids (3,716 likes)

New Wave Dave ($310)

Garbage Pail Kids


Jolted Joel ($220)

Garbage Pail Kids


7. Topps (5,669 Likes) 

1952 Mickey Mantle (Type 1) ($3 million)



Roger Clemens 1985 Topps Tiffany ($100)



6. Model Cars (6,227 Likes)

Surf Patrol

Hot Wheels


Fire Eater

Hot Wheels


5. Posters & Print Ads (7,332 Likes)

The Trouble with Tonka…



Fram Filters

Fram Filters


4. Hot Wheels (9,546 Likes)

Custom Mustang (Overchrome) ($75,000)

Hot Wheels


Old 442 (1971)

Hot Wheels


3. Star Wars (17,321 Likes)

Boba Fett (KAWS) ($6,250)



Luke Skywalker (Hasbro Black Series) ($75)



2. Disney (19,589 Likes)

Ariel (FiGPin) ($350)



Mickey Mouse (Lego) ($45)

Disney Lego


1. Funko (66,954 Likes)

Freddy (Holding Batman Pez) ($4,000)



Freddy Funko (Metallic) ($3,440)



Where does your fandom reside?? Bring that passion to the hobbyDB Squad! Our team of volunteers adds items, prices and UPC codes to the site, in addition to curating subjects and more. In exchange, we spruce up their hobbyDB Showcases with shiny new badges. If interested, message us at!


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