Update – New Flashlight and more Brightens hobbyDB App

hobbyDB App

We’d like to take a few moments to shine a light on some recent milestones and features with the hobbyDB App, including a new flashlight option.

That’s right. You’ll now find a flashlight on the hobbyDB App to help you take advantage of its barcode scanning technology.

To use the flashlight feature, simply open the App to scan-view mode where you’ll find the icon.

Are you one of the 65,000 fans that have already downloaded the hobbyDB App to your Android or iOS device?

The App makes for a nice tool to perform quick, in-store research or to easily add items to your hobbyDB collection and more.


hobbyDB App


This is made possible by thousands of UPC codes affixed to items in the database. In fact, we just surpassed the one million mark for scans of UPC codes and other unique retail codes, such as Hot Topic (read more here).

And, courtesy of the hobbyDB Squad, hundreds of more UPC codes arrive on the site every day.

Our team of fellow collectors come together to help build and maintain the database by adding items, price points and, of course, UPC codes.

We’re always looking for enthusiasts such as ourselves to join our team of volunteers.

Have a favorite subject such as Marvel Comics, Luke Skywalker or James Bond? What about Funko, Hot Wheels or trading cards? Our curators help keep their favorite subjects up-to-date and looking great.

In return, we spruce up their hobbyDB Showcases with fun badges. Learn more by following this link!


hobbyDB Squad


hobbyDB Crowdfunding – Help us Build Even More Features

The new flashlight is just one small example of our ongoing mission to expand the App and site. Among the new features on our horizon include image recognition software for the App (for those loose figures, spare parts or items predating UPCs and such) and the ability to offer items for trade in the marketplace.

One of the ways we accomplish this is through hobbyDB Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is an opportunity for collectors to own a piece of the site that their fandom and support has helped to create.

And, rather than a donation, an investment with hobbyDB means you receive actual shares of the company, so if we do well, so can you.

Full details are available via our Crowdfunding Profile. Here you’ll find our future plans, video and the price of hobbyDB shares.

Invest in hobbyDB

hobbyDB Crowdfunding

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2 years ago

Keep up the good work…so excited autographs…your covering all the bases….a sell option button would be great!

2 years ago
Reply to  Barbie

Thanks! And there is a sell button on all of our database items!

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