The new Annual Brooklin Meet at the NB Center for American Automotive Heritage was awesome

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I had a fantastic time at an event in Allentown, Pennsylvania to achieve these 3 objectives  –

  1. Launch of the North American Brooklin Collectors Club
  2. Launch of the NB Center Collection
  3. Launch of the Brooklin Garage

So a full agenda! And even better, the whole thing was held at The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage  –


The NB Center intends to preserve American cars from the 1930s to 1950s and preserve them for the future and they are particularly keen to show Everyman’s cars, the cars that most folks drove in those days. All its cars are ready to drive at any time (we tested that!).


The NB Center Collection is a series based on models in the NB Center and is even more detailed than other Brooklin Models.  And the Brooklin Management team was present to reveal the first six models.  In fact, the reveal was done by showing the real car (four of them as two are currently in Italy).


Here are all the six models  –


There was also a Q&A session chaired by Club President John Kuvakas with Simon Elford and Keith Williams from Brooklin and Keith Flickinger, the curator and head of restoration at the NB Center in the hot seats (from left to right).


It was good to see all the new models and hear about plans for next year.  Keith Flickinger was adding lots of interesting and fun background to the car collection he is looking after (Brooklin’s NB Center collection is going to be amazing and large!)

Lastly, I presented the concept of the Brooklin Garage  –


We are making good progress and I expect you find a link to it on Brooklin’s website in mid’ December.


You can check the progress on hobbyDB’s Brooklin Models page.

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2 years ago

Can’t wait to see all the Brooklins in hobbyDB! That’s why I am helping add them!

Bertel Pedersen
Bertel Pedersen
2 years ago
Reply to  Karl

Hi Karl, gretings from Copenhagen.
Where can I get that VW bus?
Regards Bertel

John Kuvakas
John Kuvakas
2 years ago

What an event! This is a great summary and a fantastic beginning to the Brooklin Models Garage.

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